ThiEYE V5e : a 2.3K Wifi Action Camera


Though the cameras on our smartphones have evolved drastically, there are certain things that we should leave only to the real cameras. And with the introduction of so called ‘Smart’ trend, cameras have turned into smart ones like the action cameras. Though its not popular as the likes of Go Pro and Xiaomi Yi Action Camera, the ThiEYE V5e is really something and that is big eye detachable lens. I will talk about it later in the post. So let’s get started.



ThiEYE V5e seems to have borrowed its looks from the Yi Action Camera. The V5e has been made to look premium. Not just designed but it really uses the top grade material. The light and strong magnalium alloys sits on the top and the CNC cutting makes the trim shine so bright. The metal logo on the front fits perfectly on the laser textured body elements that blend in completely & the 3D polishing adds smoothness to the surface and makes it tougher. The ThiEYE V5e comes in 2 basic colours of silver and black. The golden ring around the round elements makes them shine even brighter.


There are couple of buttons and ports on the V5e.

  • TOP – The microphone sits right next to the shutter button which also acts an a select button. There is also a small recording LED indicator too.
  • LEFT –  On the left side we got a mini USB port for charging and connecting the camera to your PC. A TF card slot(max 64 GB supported), a HDMI port for throwing your content on the big screens.
  • RIGHT – The WiFi button also acts as a button to zoom in. Same goes for the Bluetooth too. It will act as a zoom out button.



ThiEYE V5e features a 2 inch LCD screen. Like any other camera, the display lets you manage our shots and video captured and review them instantly. The front has some 3 LED indicators that accompany the display. One of them is a charging indicator while the other two indicate some sort of recording status.



As i said earlier, the big eye filters are something that differentiates the ThiEYE V5e  from the other other action cameras. Apart from looks, the big eye lets you adjust filters according to your need and create some amazing shots. It makes the camera experience really better.


We have always heard 2K and 4K resolution but the V5e offers the maximum video output of 2K@30Fps. It has a Sony 16MP Exmor R Cmos Sensor and a Ambarella A7LS75 Chipset. Together they handle the video department for the camera. You can record 720p slo-mo videos too. The chipset reduces blur and noise while the CMOS sensor enhances imaging characteristics and light sensitivity.


The Wide Angle camera lens has a large 170 degree FOV and support 4x digital zoom. It you loves travelling, the V5e will be your perfect companion. From landspcaces to your low light selfies, it covers all.


With V5e you can capture High resolution 16MP photos and offers some handy camera features like the burst mode, timer mode. Or if you love time lapse (the frequency at which pictures are shown is much more higher than at what they are taken) photography, you can go for it.



The ThiEYE V5e sports a 1180mAh lithium-ion battery that is detachable. So whenever you run out of juice, you can opt for a backup battery and the good thing is that it supports charging when in use, so whenever you are out camping sitting with your friends getting ready for the trek, you can charge the camera with your power bank while you chit chat with your friends.


If you got a tripod or if you wanna mount the camera on your bike or even on your helmet while riding, the 1/4″ threaded insert on the bottom ensures the camera safety and gives the camera a firm hold. If you got a drone at home ,combine it with the V5e and enjoy taking photos and videos where you can’t reach. The camera can be controlled wirelessly through the app. It allows you to take snaps, capture videos and also edit them too.


Right now the ThiEYE V5e is up for presale for 100$ only. Click here ThiEYE V5e if you are interested in buying it.



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