Tips on How to Effectively Use Modern Technology


Modern technology has helped advance the world to another level. For instance, people do not have to walk or go long distances to deliver a message. They can use their emails to send messages or interact using the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp among others. Additionally, it is not necessary for board members to meet in a room to discuss an issue. They can do it online using the various online platforms.

Technology can also be used to advance learning. It can come in handy in the education sector. Some people may begin to wonder, “How is technology helpful in the classroom?” Experts at claim that technology cannot only help a student understand the concept much better in order to write better essay but can also help lessen the burden of carrying books to and from school. It can also help teachers and professors to teach with ease. However, many people use mobile technology to boost efficiency instead of effectiveness. In this fast developing technology world Internet offers open tools for writing which will help to write essay, coursework, graduation project for students, professors  This article seeks to discuss and explain the notion, “How can technology be used to enhance learning in the classroom?”

Mobile technology usage in the classroom

Mobile device ownership increases at a tremendous rate in different parts of the world with the majority being students. Many debates and discussion have risen on to whether mobile learning technology should be embraced in classrooms. Will students benefit from them or will it affect their concentration and performance in class? Will it be useful to teachers and professors? According to research, the various benefits of incorporating mobile technology is being realized. It has been discovered that embracing mobile technology in classrooms helps students understand the concept better. Additionally, it allows teachers and professors to educate students simply and conveniently.

Productivity of mobile technology nowadays

Currently, mobile technology not only helps people to connect and interact with each other but also helps them have access or obtain the information they need. Additionally, mobile technology makes it easier for information to be passed on to many people at a go. However, the question which runs through the minds of many people is, “Can cell phones be educational tools?” Cell phones come in handy in the education field. Not only do they help students to access information with ease but also reduces the burden of carrying books and writing equipment during lectures. Additionally, mobile technology helps boost communication between students and their teachers or professors.


As discussed above, mobile technology proves to be efficient in the education sector. However, it needs to help students enhance effectiveness in their work. Students can achieve or obtain anything school-related with the help of their mobiles. Professors and lecturers can also prepare PowerPoint expositions and upload them on the e-Learning platform where students can access them. And, this reduces the task of printing out hard copies for every student. Nonetheless, they need to showcase the results of their benefits.

Technology does provide an opportunity to do things differently. It has powerful features which need to be used creatively to bring out the effectiveness and obtain good results. Professors should use technology to make learning efficient but rather promote effectiveness.

Five methods to use mobile tech during education

Technology is potent, and it can be used in various ways to make teaching and learning great. What can or cannot be done depends on the user’s creativity. Embracing creativity and innovativeness guarantees more benefits of using technology in the classrooms. Below are some five good ways smartphones are being used in high school which prove to be creative and pioneering.

Audio recording

Students need personal and quality feedback on the assignments and tasks they submit. Professors and lectures can make use of the in-built audio recording feature in most smartphones to provide students with this feedback. This will help students know and understand the areas which need improvement. Additionally, students prefer getting feedback with this method.

Live polling tools

Live polling tools are tools professors and lecturers can use to assess a student’s performance. They can be used to quiz or question students in various areas. This will help them, professors, to determine what students know and what they need to concentrate or focus on. Additionally, live polling tools help provide insight into a student’s strengths and weaknesses and offer required personalized guidelines if necessary.

Making video

Essay writing is known to be a daunting task for many students. And, instead of professors asking students to write long articles, they can ask them to research and make or create a videoor audio recording. This will help them understand the topic with ease. Additionally, it will help reduce cases of plagiarism.

Chatting on forums

Mobile technology, as mentioned before boosts communication between students and their lecturers. There are various online forums where students and professors can interact with each other. This helps improve participation in class. Additionally, students find it easy to understand the theory.

QR codes usage

Another beneficial method of using mobile technology in classrooms is through QR (Quick Response) codes. This is a method of coding solutions to tasks, complex diagrams, and research to enable students to access them with ease.

In conclusion, technology continues to improve and make the world a better place. It has impacted people’s lives in various ways. And, they are trying to adapt to their new lifestyle. Technology can also be used in the education sector to advance learning. Embracing modern technology in the schools not only helps students understand the concept but also helps professors teach with ease. Above are some of the ways technology can be used to improve learning in classrooms.


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