Tips to Get A Good DVD Ripper for Mac


The DVD Ripper for Mac is so excellent for it owns super video and audio quality of the ripped output files. The popular video and audio formats like MP4, 3GP, AC3, AVI, DivX, MPEG, WMV, H.264 or MOV, AVC, MP3, WAV, and more can be converted/ripped using the powerful DVD ripping software. 

Besides taking charge of DVD conversion process, a great Mac DVD ripping tool also can customize (edit) and share the output files to major video sharing sites. 

The output video/audio from this tool has high quality, and the output file can be played on iPod, iPhone, PS and many other popular devices.

With the help of the great video software, you are able to edit your videos through the following ways: customize the image size, applying artistic effects, adjusting subtitle font and position, adding watermarks and soundtrack, etc. In a word, you can get the video you want.

The Main Features of a DVD Ripping Program

The following are some of the great features that you can expect from a reliable DVD ripping software

  • Remove Copy-protection on DVD Disc

The ability of the ripper to remove the disc protections is another important feature. Those include CSS, RCE, UOP, etc as well as bypass the DVD region code restrictions. Unfortunately, not many DVD rippers for Mac can do that.

  • DVDs to Video and Audio Ripper 

As a variety of video and audio formats, like MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG, WMV, WMA, 3GP, 3GP2, AC3, AU, DivX, H.264/AVC, MP3, M4A, RA, OGG, WAV, etc., they can be converted from DVD.

  • Rip DVDs for Viewing on Multimedia Devices

The DVD Ripper for Mac can classify the output formats according to device. Also, it offers the best conversion solutions for devices, such as PSP/PS3, Apple TV, mobile phones and gadgets, Windows mobiles, MP4 players, etc. 

  • Capture Pictures from DVDs

If you are interested in the images while previewing DVD videos, you can take snapshots and save the images with the Mac DVD Ripper program.

  • Super Fast DVD Ripping

With supporting multithreading and batch ripping, the DVD ripping can be finished in a short time efficiently. Some of the software developer also using the latest technology in their program results in faster processing.

  • One-Step DVD Rip and Transfer

The ripping and transferring process of DVDs to iPod, iPhone, PSP or iTunes doesn’t have to be difficult. Also, some programs allow you to transfer/upload the files directly to video sharing sites like Youtube.

The Best DVD Ripper for Mac Recommendations

There are several programs out there that can do pretty good jobs when ripping DVD on Mac. Here are our top 3 recommendations:


  • MacX DVD Ripper Pro


This software is our top pick since it get a lot of positive comments from the users and come from a reliable company with great supports. The very obvious advantages are the ripping speed is fast; ability to rip the encrypted discs, good quality output and it comes with reasonable price (great offer from time to time too).


  • Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Mac


Another reliable dvd ripping tool that can help you get the job done pretty good. All their features are comparable to the MacX ripper just that this program cannot let you customize the file size and split the output file to fit your devices.


  • Tipard DVD Ripper for Mac


The dvd ripper from Tipard is another tool in our lists. In term of features, this software also can suit most user’s needs. However, our test show that the ripping speed of this program is slower compare to other rippers and unable to rip copy protected DVDs is another improvement need to be done.

If you are looking for free DVD tool, you can try the Handbrake. It’s a nice software that you rip most of the home-made DVDs but if you want to rip commercial discs with copyright protections, you have to download a third-party decoder on can do it.

Another tool you can try for Mac users is MacTheRipper(MTR) but the latest version of this tool is no longer free. You still can download the older version on the web for free and use it as you wish.

For Windows users, you can use the popular program – WinX DVD Ripper

Final Thought

If you want to buy a new software, the program features is important but some other factors you need to take into considerations. One of them is the software support system and you need to ensure that you can get help if you encounter any problem.

Other than that, most of the paid dvd program allow you to freely download the trial the software (limiting features) before you buy. If you purchase, you can download frm secure site (clean) and the software also comes with 30-day money back guarantee.

After all, if you are still no idea which program to choose from for your DVD project, then you can choose any one of the above program but we highly recommend MacX DVD ripper pro as the apps proven to be fast and producing great output videos. 


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