Top 3 Beginner Record Player Setup Under $1000


Music plays an indispensable part in our lives, as it can do wonders for our mental and physical health. Music heals your soul, so you will find yourself relaxed and healed when sitting down and listening to your favorite songs.

And to have the best listening experiences, you must have a quality record player, which provides you with a clear, emotional speech and rhythm. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of record players on the market sold at varied prices, and you are free to choose your suitable one.

However, our article today will give you a helping hand if you are on a tight budget! So keep reading our list of these beginner record player setup under $1000 to get the best one for yourself!

Three Top Beginner Record Player Setup Under $1000

Setup 1: REGA+Onkyo+Edifier

This setup will take you by surprise with its perfection, especially when it comes to the REGA turntable. This turntable has a meticulous design, runs on 24v, and causes low noise levels, reducing the vibration and ensuring an excellent audio experience.

If you are more ambitious, you can set your budget higher and go with Rega-Planar 2. Rega-Planar 2 has been mentioned by many audiophiles and audio experts such as Music Critic, ScatRecords as one of the best record players under $1000.

The beautiful features of the speakers is another reason why customers love this setup. The classic wood finish is well-suited to any home décor, while the studio sound quality and the remote control function bring about the true audio feeling!

Want a more detailed and clearer sound? Onkyo receiver is sure to meet your demand, as it can improve the sound quality, including the bass and treble!

Turntable: REGA-Planar 1 ($475)

Phono Pre-Amp: Onkyo TX-8020 Stereo Receiver ($124.99)

Speakers: Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers ($99.99)

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Setup 2: Denon+Sony+Pioneer

Specifically, the Denon turntable has taken the music world by storm since it first appeared on the market. Not only is it easy to set up and install, but it also has a unique tonearm design, impressing the customers at first sight!

Moreover, this design plays a crucial role in preserving your records and preventing any sound distortion.

Combining this turntable with Pioneer loudspeakers is the best idea you have imagined! The speakers are known for delivering a quality sound and an immersive listening environment, thanks to the curved design, handling wide frequency response, and allowing you to feel the bass.

Besides, the Sony amplifier is an indispensable part of this mixture, as it creates a comfortable audio experience at your home!

Turntable: Denon DP-400 Semi-automatic Analog Turntable ($569)

Phono Pre-Amp: Sony Phono Inputs ($148)

Speakers: Pioneer Audio Bookshelf Loudspeakers ($179)

Setup 3: Fluance+Pyle+Kanto

Once again, the Fluance turntable successfully calls your attention with its wonderful features. It is designed with a high-performance cartridge and solid wood plinth, stunning signal clarity. You are so lucky to immerse yourself into this unique audio environment with this turntable!

This wonderful experience also needs the presence of Kanto speakers and a Pyle amplifier. While the former provides you with sound remote control, the latter ensures a balanced sound, including bass, treble, and input source.

If you want to show off your singing talent, this setup is also an ideal choice!

Turntable: Fluance RT81 Elite High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable ($294.98)

Phono Pre-Amp: Home Audio Power Amplifier System ($48.48)

Speakers: Kanto YU4 Powered Speakers ($329.99)


We are sure that after reading our under $1000 setup suggestion for a record player beginner, you have already learnt the basic information to get yourself ready to become an audiophile!

How boring and meaningless our life will become with the absence of music! Therefore, if you are into the habit of listening to music every day, don’t hesitate to buy one of our recommended products right now!


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