Top 3 Most Popular Solitaire Games: Choose Your Favorite!


Why do people keep playing computerized Solitaire for 30 years? And this is not to mention that Solitaire card games have a centuries-old history. Well, some play Solitaire to kill their time and have fun. Others consider that this game will train their brain. Today, thanks to technological outburst, you are able to play it from any mobile device, anytime and anywhere.

However, there are still people who don’t know which variant of free Solitaire to choose. If you are one of them, keep reading this post and you will find the basic rules of the top 3 most popular versions!

Classic Solitaire

This game is the most widely spread and is also known as Klondike. Here, only one deck of cards is used and Jokers are not included. In the beginning, you have an empty foundation area that should be filled with four piles organized in an ascending order starting with the Ace and ending with the King.

On the tableau, you will find 7 columns with the number of cards from one to seven and only one face-up card in each. The other Click Here to Play half of the deck can be found in stock, available on the left upper side. The goal of this game is to transfer all the cards from both layout and stock to the foundations mentioned before.

The process itself has some specifics too. So, when you move the cards, you can sort them in descending order but with alternated colors. Also, as you relocate cards, you might have empty piles in the tableau. These can be filled with the King as the first card only.

FreeCell Solitaire

FreeCell is a more difficult variation in comparison to classic Solitaire. The rules of this game are the same on the whole but also include some exceptions. The cards here are arranged in a different way, and there are no hidden cards on the layout. Then instead of having a stock pile, you’ll be given four empty cells. You can use them to park some cards when you want to reveal others. Therefore, you can get to the cards you need faster and place them on the foundations.

Spider Solitaire

One of the distinctions of Spider Solitaireis that it needs 2 decks. Thus, you will have to create 8 piles, each of them containing 13 cards that should be organized in the same manner, like those in the Klondike variant. Also, be ready to play with not seven columns but eight or even ten. However, there are some similarities as well: you’ll have the last card face-up in each column. In addition, whenever you have an empty pile, you can fill it with a King.


Throughout all these years, Solitaire has grown into an extensive collection of games that keep people excited and relaxed. Solitaire online surprises its players with different combinations of rules, various forms of tableaus, and interesting details. It also helps to have rest and boost attentiveness and strategic thinking. So, are you ready to try different variations and choose the one that you prefer the most?


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