Top 5 Audio To Text Converters Online


The introduction of audio to text converter is the most recent development in the technology world. The importance of this new development in technology can be well appreciated by anyone who has ever served as a public secretary. This new development has made it easy to transcribe audio to text hence saving one a lot of money and time.

In the modern world, we live in there are a lot of people who record their daily conversations only to lack a way on how to convert audio to text. Many have resolved to use old-fashioned methods of transcribing such files. It has resulted in them spending a lot of time and money to transcribe audio to text. But now such people can smile for the current technology development has come to their aid. Now they can look forward to saving the right amount of money and time by using online audio to text converters.

What are the Top 5 Audio To Text Converters Online?  

There are several audios to text converters available online. They will help you to transcribe audio to text quickly and cheaply. They are as follows.

IBM Speech To Text

IBM Speech To Text is one of the best audio to text converters available online. It is easy to use software with the ability to translate sounds from 7 dialects. It picks up the data on a real-time basis and transcribes audio to text. Besides, it supports various audio formats such as WebSocket, Asynchronous HTTP and HTTP REST. You can customize it to fit your needs. That will help to improve its ability to deliver quality content. It will identify speakers and specified keywords.  When using IBM Speech To Text, you do not have to worry about the kind of audio you want to convert. It can handle simple audio files to the complex ones. For example simple reminders, analytics, etc.

Apart from that, it can handle different cases like converting live audios example calls in a call center and doing analysis hundreds and even thousands of audio calls.  With IBM Speech To Text, you do not need to know how to convert audio to text at all. The software is easy to use even for a newbie who does not have the slightest of skills on transcription. It is easily navigable thanks to its simple software, as a result, will save you a lot of energy and time. Therefore, you can have your work done faster. If you are stuck, there is the support team that you can always call upon for guidance on using the software.


If you have never used Temi in your journey of transcription, then you have missed a lot. It comes with lots of benefits. There is the free trial version that opens the new world of transcription created by Temi for you. It is one of the most advanced audio to text converters available online. It is a product of Temi comes handy as an essential tool for podcasters, journalist, reporters, authors and bloggers. Many who have used Temi they term it as a game changer to the world of a journalist.

What will you get in Temi? Here you get to use one of the most advanced technology in transcription. Temi picks files of any kind both audio and video and converts them within 5 minutes. That sounds far fetched but give it a try and see. Besides, you can do some editing on files and be in a position to share your transcripts with your friends. The transcripts bear your customized timestamps and speakers identification. Kindly note the data can also be exported and transferred to many other formats like PDF and MS Word.

Braina Pro

It stands out as the ideal audio to text converter that any transcriber can use. It has a very high ability to identify 100 languages. Besides, it has a mobile app, and that tells you that you do not need to have a computer to access Brain Pro. Some of its great features are, gives a chance to do multiple tasks, for example, read an online book aloud, get something from your device as well as set reminders.

It serves the same duty as an assistant. For this case, we can say a virtual one.  Braina can save and later avail the same files for editing. It has built-in microphones to make it possible for you to record high-quality audios and prepare the audio files for transcription. Might sound such a long list but Braina does it in few minutes. Topping the list is that Braina comes with features that make it easy to upgrade.


It is a game changer on its own. It is one of a kind transcription software. With this one, you can transcribe audio to text in a very efficient and cheap manner. It can work for you in three ways. One by using its automatic transcription, accurate dictation and player that has is built in convert your speech to text. All this makes it able to handle multiple tasks of audios.

The app supports around 80 dialects, and you can use it to export files from Dropbox.   Transcribe has various properties that enable you to edit your work. It automatically saves every change you make on your document. That lets you not to lose any valuable data. Transcribe becomes of importance when it comes is to it saving you time and money.


Audio to text converter online is the best thing that ever happened to the transcribers’ community. It is the recent app that converts audio to text available online. It stands out as the best among all transcription software including the ones we have already discussed. It uses modern artificial intelligence technology built inside it. That makes it the fastest and better than all. It allows punctuation of your work. Audext works from the browser hence no need to install in your desktop.

There are the following reasons why you should use Audext:

  • It is the fastest due to its AI that enables automatic conversion of your audio files.  
  • Medical use such as for psychologist (record customer sessions for analysis).
  • The ability to make voice notes and voice recordings from a mobile phone.
  • Cost-effective since its fast you can convert as many audio files as possible.
  • The ability of interview transcription: journalists, press conference, podcasts.
  • If you are a student, you can convert your lecture notes into text for better notes.

But keep in mind that Audext doesn’t transcribe video files, does not convert word or text to audio, it is not a generator, and cannot transcribe audio with background noise.

Audext commonly helps media, education and podcast industry.

As technology grows, there are new and better apps introduced to aid transcribe audio to text. These new apps come with benefits, but they still have their shortfalls. Their accuracy is not yet 100% and hence need to go through your work even after using them. As you choose what app to consider select the one with the most advanced technology. You can consider Audext.


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