Top 5 Hints to Create a Successful Dating App Design


Almost everyone wants a whirlwind romance with someone special. Unfortunately, in today’s world where everything seems to go by in a rush, it can be hard to go on a treasure hunt for the “special one.” This is where dating apps come in. 

Since the first dating app emerged onto the scene, it has been considerably easier to find a Russian bride or girlfriend online. Every Tom, Dick, and Sherry with a great dating profile can now find love in just a few clicks.

However, apart from the users’ dating profiles, one essential factor that leads to a successful matchmaking is the dating app’s design. Do you think Jennifer would have won Todd over with her “great personality” if the app had kept glitching every three seconds? We think not.  You know design is a success .

If you’re thinking of creating a dating app from scratch where people can find brides or a legit mail order bride, it’s essential to pay attention to specific details. Just like making chicken soup, there’s no ultimate recipe to building a dating app. However, you can use the following tips to ensure that your design is a success:

Make it mobile-friendly 

Have you ever seen anyone whip out their personal computers on a bus to swipe through Tinder? Although this scenario is probable, most users are likely to use dating apps on their mobile phones. This is mainly because these mobile apps offer a faster and more convenient experience. They also offer more privacy to users (it’s easier for a total stranger to peer into your laptop than your phone screen). 

As such, your dating app or website should be mobile-friendly to suit the needs of your target audience. You should ensure that the app runs smoothly on iOS and Android platforms, as these are the most common interfaces for users. 

Use the right colors

Colors set the right mood for anything. Have you ever wondered why red and white rose petals seem to set the mood for a romantic evening? Well, it’s simple. The color of the petals helps to give off a sensual aura, making the atmosphere seem more romantic. 

The same applies to dating apps. When creating a dating app, you should appeal to the users’ emotions and base needs by using the right colors. Sensual colors such as red or pink are usually great options. 

However, choosing the right color palette can be tricky. On the one hand, you don’t want to overload your users with too many vivid colors. On the other, you don’t want to be too minimalistic as this can be incredibly boring. 

To get past this, you could try to strike a balance by using bright, sensual colors against a minimalist design to ensure the best effect. 

Include text in the design

Here’s the thing: no user wants to read a 3-page essay about a potential match or app feature. However, it’s still important to provide clear descriptions of both potential candidates and features on the app. If you’re trying to achieve a great user interface design, you should strike a balance between design and texts. 

For every icon, there should be a short text (preferably one sentence) that describes what it does and how to use it. There should also be options to display more textual information about candidates. This way, users can ensure that they have a perfect match before swiping right. 

Create an impressive logo

There’s no such thing as a perfect logo. However, when it comes to logotype design, you want to create something impressive that will forever be imprinted in the minds of your users. Although pictures may speak a thousand words, logos speak two thousand as people tend to remember icons more. Thus, your logo and icons should be memorable if you’re trying to improve brand recognition. 

One dating site that has hacked the trick of an impressive logo design is Not Just Roommates. This unique logo depicts a couple swaying on the dance floor and incorporates a sensual color – pink – as the dominant brand color. 

Invest in the messaging feature design

The bells and whistles that come with a dating app are very important. However, the messaging feature crowns it all. After seeing a potential match, the next step for most users is to send a message. As such, you should ensure that this feature is both fun and easy to use. 

To ensure that users never miss out on an important message from a match, utilize push notifications or smart real-time alerts. You could also integrate colorful pop-ups to make the messaging feature more exciting and fun for users. 

Final Thoughts 

In today’s world, there are tons of Tinder clones out there. Almost every developer wants to create a dating app for people to find a wife online,but how many have gotten it right? 

To stay on top of the competition and differentiate your brand from others, you can follow the tips we’ve included in this article. This way, you can craft a long-lasting, unique style that will help your users find what they’re looking for. 


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