TWO TREES Sapphire Pro CoreXY Review – 3D Printer DIY Kit at €179.99 From CAFAGO with Coupon


TWO TREES Sapphire Pro CoreXY 3D Printer is designed for DIY enthusiasts and professionals with higher printing speed and more accuracy. Following are some highlighted features that make this model stand out in the market. 3.5-inch full-color sensitive touch screen is easy to operate and its highly sensitive control board makes a quick response to every click to ensure getting expected printing results. Twin turbofans are employed to speed up the cooling process and rapid solidification of the printing model and prevent deformation.


The condition takes place via a colored 3.5″ touchscreen to access all required functions and settings. A manual adjustment of the print bed, which can be heated up to 120°, is also possible. The extruder has double ventilation and heats and can be heated to a maximum of 260°. Thus, all common materials such as PLA, PET, flexible filament, and others are also supported. Due to the aluminum frame, a much more stable housing should be available here, which should also deliver correspondingly clean prints. The TWO TREES Sapphire Pro CoreXY 3D Printer kit is based on the proven CoreXY construction with a sufficient working volume of 235x235x235mm.

TWO TREES Sapphire Pro CoreXY 3D Printer comes with a modern self-adhesive printing pad made of PEI material. Its well-designed extruder significantly reduces the risk of clogging. The Bowden design of the extruder, in turn, makes it possible to lighten the print head and thereby speed up, stabilize and overall make its movement more efficient. The X and Y axes move along high-quality MGN12 linear guides, so their movement is very precise and quiet. The Z-axis is mounted on 12mm guide rods with LMK12LUU bearings and driven by a T8/2/8 trapezoidal screw.

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There should also be significantly less vibration and movement during the printing process. The printing accuracy is ±0.01mm, the Z-axis accuracy is 0.0025mm, the X/Y-axis accuracy is 0.01mm, the nozzle diameter is 0.4mm, and the filament used is the usual 1.75mm. The layer height can be adjusted (by software) to 0.1 to 0.4mm. The consumption in operation is a maximum of 360W. TMC2208 256 silent driver stepper motors were also installed for this purpose. The print area is 235x235x235mm and easily covers the most common prints that you will need in everyday life.

If it gets bigger, you can also split the 3D models using software and print them individually. Since we’re on the subject of software: here you can again choose whether you want to use Cura; Repetier-Host, or other software. In addition to the auto-level sensor; there is also a filament sensor integrated and also the possibility to resume prints that were interrupted by a power failure. Unlike the conventional printers you are familiar with; the Two Trees Sapphire Pro Core XY has a slightly different structure and also works subtly differently. Here only the extruder moves in the X and Y axes instead of only on the X axis or up on the Z axis. However, the heating bed now moves down for each shift.


The TWO TREES Sapphire Pro CoreXY 3D Printer kit is probably too complicated for 3D printing beginners. For everyone else who knows how it works and dares to approach a larger construction site; you get a lot of printers and printing areas for little money. You can buy It from CAFAGO at €179.99 by using Discount Coupon Code: TCSAPPRO in Flash Sale and ship from Germany Warehouse.


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