TWOTREES TS2-20W Laser Engraver: Design, Hardware, and Features Review


Laser engraving technology has revolutionized the world, making it easier and more accessible than ever before. One of the most popular laser engravers in the market is the TWOTREE TS2-20W Laser Engraver. This machine has an impressive list of features, making it an ideal choice for professionals and hobbyists. This article will look closer at the design, hardware, features, and connectivity of the TWOTREE TS2-20W Laser Engraver.


The TWOTREE TS2-20W Laser Engraver has a sleek and modern design that is elegant and functional. It has a large engraving area of 410*410mm, ideal for engraving large objects. The machine is lightweight, weighing only 6.5kg, making it easy to move around and store. The laser engraver has a silk-screen scale profile that allows users to measure engraved objects’ size easily.


The TWOTREE TS2-20W Laser Engraver has a 20W high-power laser module that can engrave/cut many materials, including metal, wood, plastic, paper, leather, bamboo, stainless steel, chevron, acrylic, and glass. The laser wavelength is 445±5nm, ideal for engraving various materials. The machine has an electrical requirement of 24V 4A DC and a 32-bit motherboard, ensuring higher engraving and cutting accuracy. The Y-axis motor module design provides stability and synchronization of the Y-axis operation, which leads to higher engraving accuracy.


The TWOTREE TS2-20W Laser Engraver has impressive features that make it stand out from other laser engravers. It has is a flame alarm system that sends an alarm and stops engraving in case of a fire. The machine also has a quick stop and shutdown feature convenient for one-key on/off. The laser touch automatic focus function makes it easy to focus the laser on the engraved objects, ensuring high-quality engravings. The machine has various control methods, including APP operation, offline operation, and online operation, making it versatile and easy to use.


The TWOTREE TS2-20W Laser Engraver can be connected via USB, APP, online, or screen. The main board reserves an external display port, and customers can purchase an external display screen for offline use. The machine has a tow chain routing design, ensuring that the machine line is routed from the tow chain, making the machine’s appearance clean.


In conclusion, the TWOTREE TS2-20W Laser Engraver is a versatile and powerful laser engraver perfect for professionals and hobbyists. Its large engraving area, high-power laser module, and various control methods make it an ideal choice for engraving tasks. The machine’s safety protection design ensures it is safe to use, while its sleek design makes it easy to move around and store. At banggood, the TWOTREE TS2-20W Laser Engraver is available at just $999.99, making it an affordable choice for anyone looking for a high-quality laser engraver.

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