U8 Pro : A 10$ super budget smartwatch(Coupon Limited)


The competition is on the rise and new startups want to make their mark in the smart devices market. U8 is one of the mist affordable smartwatch in today’s market. you might think, if the price is this low, then there had been a lot of compromises done with the features. But its not the case. The U8 Pro provides much more than what can be expected for this price range.


To speak of it, the U8 Pro is a affordable smartwatch that just gets the basic job as smartwatch done. Its not one of those Garmin or Samsung Gear Smartwaches competitor, but its a rookie. The U8 pro comes in 2 colours of black and white. It bears a plastic body and has a soft rubber band and weighs just 50 grams.


On the side, it has a micro USB port for charging, a micro Sim slot and the power button. The U8 Pro sports a 1.44 inch display with 3 physical keys. A decent MTK6261 processor handles the processing department on the U8 Pro. It features a 32MB RAM and 32Mb of internal storage. The user can connect the smartwatch with their smartphone via Bluetooth.


The U8 Pro has some useful features that make it a smartwatch. Though its not an Android Wear but yeah its a smartwatch.

  1. No need to pull out your smartphone everytime you want to make a call. With U8 Pro you can directly make a call from the watch as it has SIM card support or you can connect your phone via bluetooth and make a call .
  2. If you are in a hurry, use your smartwatch to send texts.
  3. In case if your phone is connected to the watch and it falls from your pocket , the watch will give an alert as soon as you walk out of the bluetooth zone with its Anti-lost feature.
  4. You can capture perfect shots by using the watch as a camera controller.
  5. When you get bored and want to listen to music, you can access your smartphone’s music onto your watch.
  6. The sedentary feature alerts you if you are sitting in the same position for a long time.

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