UCVR View-01: Futuristic VR Glasses( Free Coupon Code )


With Virtual reality in the game now, a lot of manufactures have entered the competition with their VR headsets. UCVR View-01 is one such futuristic looking VR Headset .Lets have a look at its features. But before that we have some good news for you. With our coupon code IGEEKUCVR, you can avail a discount of 2$ on the 30$’s UCVR View-01.



Design wise, View-01 is unmatchable. It comes in a lavishing colour combination of white and blue and bears a unique design. Its made from the strong ABS material and the soft rubber pad on the front has foam inside. The support straps are strong enough to carry your smartphone and the headset’s weight, but it just weighs 198gms. Smartphones only with screen sizes between 4.7-5.5 inch are compatible with this headset.



It comes with a Fresnel optics Lens that provide a 110 degree wide angle Field of View (FOV). You can enjoy all your favourite VR content with no distortion at all. The best thing about the View-01 is its eye control feature. You don’t have to always pull out your smartphone when you want to change the movie. Let your eyes be the controller for it. This is one of such striking features on the View-01 that the other VR headsets don’t have.


For people who suffer from near or farsightedness, they can enjoy watching on the UCVR View-01 since has 3 group lenses for different people. The dioptre range goes from 0-800 dioptre and removes the need to wear glasses which is not at possible. The is one hidden feature too and that is the presence of small holes on the bottom of the VR. The holes help to keep the phone’s temperature under control by dissipating the heat.


And all of this comes just for a price tag of 30.68$ and if you are keen on buying it, we got a special discount coupon for you. Use ‘IGEEKUCVR‘ as coupon code and get the UCVR View-01 for a discounted price of $28.99. Click here to buy it.


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