UMI unveils UMI Super Champion Edition in CrowdFunding manner


UMI is about to unveil the UMI Super Champion Edition phone and that too in a crowd funding fashion. As we know UMI launched its flagship smartphone the UMI Super or as UMI calls it on their website “4GB Battery flagship killer”. Soon after releasing it, the phone got massive response from buyers, especially of the Europe region, hence UMI launched a Europe Cup Limited edition of the UMI Super in mouth watering Royal Blue color and EURO2016 printed on the back.


Well now UMI is taking it one step further and is about to unveil the UMI Super Champion Edition phone and that too in a crowd funding fashion. Seems that UMI is really liking all the fan feedback it is getting. It can be seen in the image below that UMI has retained its royal blue color for the device but this time the metal box (yeah you read it right a Metal Box!) is also colored blue with a big Championship logo on it. The phone is being crowd funded on kickstarter and release date is still to be unveiled. But UMI is not stopping here, inorder to please their fans UMI is offering them to vote for this year’s champion. Also users can themselves participate in financing the project to achieve the UMI Super Champion Edition. Its an elegant device with an eye catching design and aesthetics and fans love it. Its very rare to see companies doing so much just to listen to their customers.


Wrapping it up the specifications of the Champion Edition are same as the Super i.e 4GB of RAM Powering a 2.0GHz Helio P10 octa-core processor rocking a solid metallic unibody. It is powered by a 4000 mAh SONY made battery, a 5.5” FULL HD display, 13MP/5MP front and back cameras , fingerprint sensor, fast charging. What’s surprising is all this comes for a price tag of $180.

Well UMI is proving to be a customer friendly brand in this sea of other smartphone brands, lets just wait and see how the official announcement goes, until then lets hope UMI Super Champion Edition coming soon.


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