Understanding the Importance of SIM-Only Deals


So, now you have realized the importance of a sim only deal and that’s what made you read about this post that narrates the reasons to choose sim-only contracts.

Now that you are sure of choosing a mobile phone plan, here’s why a 24-month contract alongside a smartphone might not be a great decision in case you prefer a flexible and shorter contract. If you don’t want to change your existing phone, a sim-only contract is best suited for your requirements.

With sim-only contract you get the license to get benefits of an ongoing deal like better-valued call time as well as data. The sim-only contract comes with a wide range of benefits. To present you the same, here’s elaborating them in point-wise format.

  • Flexibility

No longer do you require committing to the 24-month deal when you go for a sim-only contract! You can get a wide range of providers who can offer you both 12-months as well as rolling 1-month schemes, thereby offering you further flexibility.

What’s more, you get the license to change traffic often that can tailor to your individual requirement! You don’t need to think more about how much data you are left with after every single minute.

  • Inexpensive

The best thing about SIM only contract is that you just get to pay for your sim card and accompany traffic. And because of this, there’s isn’t any smartphone cost to include in the monthly bill.

To put things simply, the amount of data and minutes would cost you less on the SIM only contract when compared to other contract deals. Obviously, you will require owning a phone for inserting the SIM card and using it accordingly.

  • Convenient

PAYG (Pay-as-you-go) plans are affordable and flexible. However, it requires top-up plans for mobile devices when you wish to use it. And that’s exactly why it’s pretty convenient! With SIM-only contracts, you can use the data anytime. Getting a sim-only contract is worth what you spend money for!

  • Can retain existing number

Choosing a SIM only contract does not necessarily mean that you would lose the previous mobile number. Yes, that’s exactly why most of the people tend to move to such a deal! Retaining your mobile number is simple by contacting the existing network for obtaining PAC or Port Authorization Code!

After you get your new SIM car, you can contact the network provider and quote the temporary number that is provided with the new SIM alongside the existing number and PAC. The service providing team would do the rest for you!

  • Comes with network perks

Nothing unlike the regular contract plans, the SIM only contracts comes with another amazing benefit. If you are an EE customer, then you must have an access to 4G speed. And choosing this plan would be of extreme importance! And you can take the phone abroad without any extra cost!

Thus, this compiles everything to know about the reasons of choosing a SIM only contract even if you don’t want to buy a new smartphone.


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