Unlock Your Door With Lockibly: A Smart Home Security


Are you struggling on a daily basis to find and secure keys? Does the safety of home worries you a lot? Do you mostly think about a hypothetical situation, where burglar barges into your home and takes all the precious things? Even after locking the door and checking it twice, you feel like you have left it open? Do you lock yourself out once a week? If not for the duplicate keys with your partner, you would have changed the lock for good numbers.

This isn’t about your mindset or insecurities. All these thoughts, situations and questions are because of the lack of security in the existing lock. Whether you have an old traditional style lock or computerized one, you need to know in the era of advanced technology, these are easy to unlock or break. So what is the solution? We guess Lockibly knew the scenario well and hence they have come up with the line of smart locks.

Smart locks for smart homes!

Their locks claim to be a burglar-proof and hack-proof locks. They have launched four smart locks in total, namely, Activa, Aura, Hermes, and Veti. Each has its own unique selling point, but the thing that is common in them is ‘smart security‘.

Here in this blog, we are going to talk about the Veti Smart Lock with Passcode.

(The review is done keeping in mind the use of the product. And to give you a perfect answer on how the product works and its benefits.)

Before we head to the Veti’s specification, let’s look at the features of other locks in the shorter version.

Activa: This one is a mixture of mechanical and digital. It can be unlocked with both keys and fingerprints.

Aura: The exact version of the smart lock that works with its own app, fingerprint, passcode, and has a unique token that comes with the product.

Hermes: This one can be unlocked with BlueTooth access or fingerprints.

Now, let’s get back to the topic,

Veti Smart Lock with Passcode

First, we will look at the security functionality. The lock has the 4-way-access, which makes it more reliable and secure. And these are through fingerprint, passcode, BlueTooth, and mechanical look. It is a power pack lock fulfilling every need of yours. How?

You can register upto 30 fingerprints and 145 Bluetooth users to save your time opening the door for everyone. Register the biometric for the key people like a delivery boy, maid, dog walker, friends, etc.

The Bluetooth access is possible with the use of its own app. And it has the mechanical lock as well so you won’t be able to lock yourself out in any circumstances, even if you have forgotten the password or your phone’s battery is low.

The most impressive thing about the lockibly locks is its auto-lock feature. Once you close the door, it will self-lock within 3 seconds and to open it after that you will need to use a passcode, Bluetooth access, keys, or registered fingerprint. Isn’t it amazing?

There is an inbuilt smart LED system that indicates a different status, i.e., success and error. And with the Veti you can easily share the access permanently or temporarily with the passcode and Bluetooth feature.

This was all for security purposes now, can we look at the structure and outlook? Does that matter? Obviously, it does. Imagine having a huge safe lock at the door for the security purpose won’t that be overwhelming? And now imagine, sleek and minimal lock that has looks of a doorknob but does all the work that a safeguard can!

Which one will you go for? Clearly, the later one. And the locks of lockibly are one of a kind. The safest and minimalist design of it draws the people towards it, and its feature drives them to the desire of getting it installed on the door. This lock looks like a simple doorknob, but as soon as you touch it, the numbers given for the passcode will lit up.

It is made up of thicker stainless steel and to ensure the durability, there is another layer of metal behind the sensor and number pad. It is compatible with any type of door, be it a right-handed or left-handed. We don’t need to tell you that it can replace any standard door look, after reading about its feature you can decide on it for yourself, right?

This isn’t it! There is another decisive peculiarity of the lockibly locks that makes it exceptional, and that is its 365 days of battery life. It has the 4x AAA battery, which lasts one year with daily usage. It can survive and work excellently in any weather condition, be it -20 degrees or 60 degrees (Celcius).

Last but not least, its installation process. You might be thinking, ‘I will need a handyman or expert to install such kind of lock.’ But to your relief, it is ‘easy to install,’ one more trait that will make you love it more. You will only need a screwdriver to fit it, that too without wiring or drilling and in minutes.

What else you need? This is a pure package of security with ease. You don’t have to worry about keys or even its installation. You can also keep track of unlocking with its app, know who opened it last and when! Now safeguard your house with lockibly and make your house hack-proof and burglar-free. So you can visit lockibly.com and get the solution to get your home secured.   


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