Vaporesso GEN S vs Vaporesso Luxe II Vape Kit Comparison – What’s the Difference Between?


The Vaporesso GEN S Starter Kit is a high-powered vaping system equipped with a comprehensive temperature control suite, embedded with the new AXON Chipset and is paired with the NRG-S Tank to create a cloud-chucking vaping monster that will satisfy any level of vaper. And The Vaporesso Luxe II kit is a mod and tank combo with an elegant design and an eye-catching 2-inch user interface. Powered by two 18650 batteries (not included), the Luxe II can provide up to 220 watts of power, while the included NRG-S Mini tank is a great option for a concentrated flavour and dense vapour. In this article, we will see What’s the difference between Vaporesso GEN S vs Vaporesso Luxe II? Let’s check out quickly comparison review.


Vaporesso GEN S structure accompanies a lightweight and minimal size. it additionally underpins the Axon Chip. GENS will intrigue you by the steady flavour and thick fume all through with Pulse Mode. The very much created chipset likewise breaks the utilizing limit with its easy to understand working framework. Imperviousness to fire Polycarbonate | multiple times Metal Spray | Breathing Rubber Coating. Likewise, It has a 0.91′ OLED screen which gives you the simple to work the vape. An Unprecedented Leap in Flavor. Also, Both GT MESHED coils use the upgraded MESHED technology to maximize interaction between e-juice and cotton, providing turbo heating performance. Powered by the Pulse Mode, it gets an unprecedented leap in flavour.

The first thing you notice about the Vaporesso LUXE II Kit is the incredible IML panels that are available in many different patterns and colours. The overall design is in fact very similar to previous Luxe kits such as the Luxe. And Luxe Nano, especially the size, shape, transparency, high colour saturation, and the ergonomically curved body. On the back of each mod, one of the panels comes off to expose the battery bay that stores the dual 18650 batteries to power the entire setup.

A 2.5 amp fast-charging USB port makes it also more convenient than ever to quickly recharge the cells while they are stored inside the Vaporesso LUXE II. Adding to the incredible appearance is the user interface that features a 2-inch colour TFT display screen with customizable UI and touch panel. The adjustment buttons also feature haptic feedback. So they will vibrate as they are pressed on when making adjustments to the Vaporesso Luxe 2 Kit’s settings.

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Vaporesso GEN S Vape

Vaporesso GEN S has AXON chip breaks the utilizing limit for the passage level with the easy to use the working framework. Various modes are prescribed and explore as indicated by the programmed recognizable proof of tanks. 112.5A Fast Charging. The Fully Charged in 60minutes | Dual External Batteries | Power Eco Mode. There is additionally the beat mode included Vaporesso GEN S. it has amazing and stable. The propelled AXON chip raises a responsive vape that can get to an imaginative Pulse Mode; boosting the introduced curl each 0.02s to fulfil you with a fragile controlled vaping experience. Vaporesso GEN S has 2.5A Fast Charging and Fully Charged in 60minutes | Dual External Batteries | Power Eco Mode.

The innovation of the Vaporesso LUXE II Kit is seen in the revolutionary CHIP AXON and an improved UI. There is an OMNI board upgrade and board to become the newest AXON chip. Luxe II breaks barriers for new users through an easy and powerful operating system. The chipset has multiple modes, providing 2.5A ultra-fast battery charging and instant firing speed. There are four powerful modifier modes: Pulse mode – in pulse mode, AXON will give you continuous hits, and you can get extra flavour & cloud satisfaction; Power ECO – After activating Power ECO mode, it will save your device, save energy and battery power. And provide longer battery life; Smart TC – with smart TC mode, the AXON will automatically recognize if you plug in the TC coil, giving you the optimal settings for the best taste.

The NRG-S Tank in the Luxe II Starter Kit works with GT meshed coils for exquisite vapor and flavour. Meshed coils are known to heat up fast. And to have a larger heating surface for a premium experience throughout the vape industry. This setup is literally compatible with every type of vape setting you may wish for thanks to 9 different coil options. However, only two are found in the Vaporesso Luxe II kit package: pre-installed. You will get the GT meshed coil that has a 0.18ohm heating element and works from 50 to 85 watts. Or you may want to use the GT4 meshed coil with 0.15ohm resistance and 50 to the 75-watt range. Best of all, these coils have a handy pull/push coil replacement system to result in mess-free coil swaps.


According to the comparison between Vaporesso GEN S vs Vaporesso Luxe II, they are both budget Vape kits that are affordable. Both come with different specs you can check out. So according to what exactly you might be looking, you can find, in Design, and Features. For more information visit on Vaporesso GEN S and Vaporesso Luxe II official page.


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