Various Benefits Of Playing Online Poker


Lots of people are exposed to poker through its live format. This can mean playing a cash game or tournament at the local casino, friend’s house, or dorm over a few drinks. Indeed, the social element of playing poker is entertaining. However, there are many benefits to playing poker online than live.

Online Poker Can Make You Save Some Money

Can you still remember when was the last time you play poker inside the casino? Can you remember how much was the minimum buy-in? Recall how much does it cost you for one big blind at the lowest stakes cash games? How much were the players are tipping the dealer whenever they won the big pot?

There is a big chance that even the lowest of the figures are still higher versus the buy-ins in online tournaments or cash games. When you are just beginning to learn how to play poker online, you will want to practice how to manage your bankroll. Then, if you are just starting small, you might want to try a cheap online game. This is preferable than a game with high stakes involved, so you don’t have to put down a large part of your finances just to play and enjoy.

The cost of petrol and the hours need to drive in the casino are not yet included. Such things might seem minor and unimportant to you but they will add up soon.

More Hands, More Profit

In a live poker environment such as big 2, it is possible to try multi-tabling. Indeed, it’s not that simple, especially for beginners. As you run from table to table, it will be hard for you to gauge your opponent’s play style and tendencies.

On the other hand, with online poker, you can play with one more table at the same time. With this, you can get more things done and save some time. This will make you play with more hands in one session versus playing one month of live games in casinos.


As you play online in big 2, you can commit your time to play and stay in one place only. This can enable you to play as long or short as you want.

With the growth of laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, you can play online poker anywhere you go so long as you have an internet connection. You do not need to go outside and miss the game if you want to light your cigarette. With online poker, you can take the game with you than leaving it behind.

No Long Waiting

A casino earns money from poker. But not as often as it does from slots and blackjack. In some areas, the number of tables is limited. Also, there is a limit to the number of seats available.

Instead of spending your minutes and hours waiting for an available seat, there are online poker sites that will accommodate you right away. You can play the game at whatever stakes you want. You don’t have to be stressed waiting for your turn to play. With this, you will be calmer and more focused on the game.


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