VIULUX VR – X 2K All-in-one 3D Headset With Discount Coupon


All-in-One VR headsets which are standalone VR headsets and don’t require a smartphone to function. A you know VR headsets are flooding the markets and consumers are adopting VR entertainment fun and games. Companies are responding to the positive feedback with confidence and are launching better and more advanced versions of the VR headsets. one such is VIULUX VR – X 2K All-in-one 3D Headset.


The headset has a curved arc display design with all the necessary hard buttons like a distance adjustment knob, it has a dedicated power ON/OFF button. You also get the heat dissipating air vents for proper cooling and a relief from the uncomfortable heat of the device. On the left side you have the headphone jack. Further you have the VIULUX Box that is to be connected with the HDMI cable. It operates in 3 modes Separated Mode, VIULUX TV mode and 3D PC mode.

The device packs in some serious ammunition like a 2K 5.5″ Screen, with 60Hz refresh rate. The device has a 2GB RAM plus 32 ROM combo and is expandable by tf card upto 64GB. It has a FOV Range of 90 – 110 degree  and IPD (Interpupillary distance) of 56 – 67mm. The device is fully capable in networking side with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The device is powered by 3500mAh battery and the game controller has a 500mAh battery.

The VIULUX VR headset is a jam packed VR entertainment suite for surreal VR and gaming. The device is currently priced at $566.68 but using our coupon code : GB9% here you can get a good discount on the headset, so hurry!


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