Vivo S15 Series Approved at National Quality Certification


A few days ago, some bloggers found on the official website of the National Quality Certification, Vivo’s new model has been certified, the model is V2199A, supporting 80W fast charge, it should be vivo S15 series which has been exposed previously.

According to @digital chat station revealed earlier, there are two models of Vivo S15 series, respectively carrying the two chips with the best reputation on the market at present, among them vivo S15 standard edition carrying Snapdragon 870, Vivo S15 Pro is upgraded to Dimensity 8100 chip, performance, power consumption, heating are guaranteed.

As mentioned in the news, Vivo S15 will use a center single-hole straight screen + right-angle center frame, the appearance design is similar to the previous origin Ocean demonstration machine (center perforated, right-angle border), compared to the previous generation of upgraded chip and image system, and equipped with linear motor, infrared and NFC.

Also, while Vivo has just announced the new X family, the traditional X series has not been abolished. Sources say Vivo X80 is likely to be released this month as well, and the configuration will be very interesting.

At the core, the series will be equipped with Mediatek Dimensity 9000 flagship processor, while equipped with our own image chip V1, excellent performance in dark light environment, can be called “night vision”.

This is thanks to the V1 image chip developed by Vivo. When shooting at night, V1 chip can calculate in real time and compensate for MEMC insertion frame. It supports the MEMC motion compensation of FHD 60FPS, which can run a huge amount of calculation and improve the user’s creative space for shooting at night.

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In addition, Vivo coordinated and used the SELF-developed V1 chip with ISP in SoC to improve the imaging algorithm side, achieving the effect of 1+1 > 2.


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