VOOPOO VINCI 3 Pod Vs VINCI Pod SE Comparison Review


VOOPOO is a great manufacturer of durable vape pods. The VOOPOO Vinci series comprises of classic vape kits for both beginners and professional vapers. However, some of the Vinci series vape includes; VINCI 3 Pod and the VINCI Pod SE.

Both models of vape pods features all the necessary specifications you require from a vape of their caliber. Although, in comparison, both vape device are different models and obviously, they have different price tags and can be gotten from the company’s official website.

The VOOPOO VINCI 3 is one of the company’s vape devices to feature the new Mobius airflow system and 5 to 50W power adjustment function to enjoy relentless tight puffs. There are five ( 5 ) unique color options for the VINCI 3 and they are; Aurora Blue, Carbon Fiber Black, Carbon Fiber Blue, Aurora Red, and Rose Gold.

VINCI 3 is powerful, easy to use, and it comes with dual ignition modes as well. However, the ultra-precision auto-ignition covers the tobacco smoking experience and the new throat-hitting stronger puffing experience. At the same time, two ( 2 ) ways to puff with smart draw and fire buttons.


As a top puffing device from VOOPOO, the VINCI 3 is coupled with a high-energy 1800mAh ( in-built ) battery despite the portable design of this vape device. The big battery can be quickly charged via the USB Type- C charging interface. Furthermore, the 5 – 50W adjustable power range paired with the Mobius airflow system is ready to fully satisfy you with an adequate pure tight-to-loose vaping experience.

VOOPOO VINCI Pod SE is one of the newest model of vape devices added to the VINCI series. Its specifications are top-notch and it will also interest you to know that its cartridge is compatible with VINCI Pod, VINCI Pod Royal Edition, VINCI Q, and the Drag Nano 2 vape devices. The top features include; an anti-bacterial mouthpiece, a multilayer leakage-proof design, easy top-filling, an aviation-grade aluminum alloy body, upgraded flavors, and multi-cartridge compatibility. In terms of design, the silver ion mouthpiece with up to 99% antibacterial protection together with its gradient minimalist body design makes it attractive and handy.

So far, the VINCI Pod SE from VOOPOO is being crafted from an aviation-grade aluminum alloy material that is very tough so as to offer vapers durable and fadeless usage. In addition, this vape device also offers vapers sufficient airflow with ultra-dense clouds with the aid of its 4- hole inlet design.

Where To Buy:

The VOOPOO VINCI 3 Pod is currently available for an appealing price tag different from the VINCI Pod SE.


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