Ways To Fake Location on iOS and iPhone


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During this web log we are going to find out about how one will fake GPS iOS location on their iPhone or iOS device.

People using iOS or iPhone are facing problem of GPS location. Most of the folks need some privacy or there are sure things that they don’t need to share with the remainder of individuals for that purpose they have to pretend their GPS location. Lack of privacy and sure alternative issues are thanks to this GPS joystick location.


Dr.Fone is helped a lot of people.

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Spoof GPS location on iPhone: Enter anyplace title or coordinates, then you’ll be able to spoof GPS location on iPhone.

Spoof GPS motion alongside actual roads: Select a sought after spot at the map. Then your GPS location can move from the present spot to the chosen one at a pace you’ll customize. The motion path is along actual roads on the map.

Spoof GPS motion along sought after spots: Select a sequence of sought after spots on the map. Then you’ll transfer along these spots at any speed you need. You can make a selection these spots along real roads or in some other manner you need.

Spoof with GPS joystick: Control GPS motion through the usage of the joystick.

Full display map view: You can transfer to full display screen map view to find extra attention-grabbing puts to teleport to or simulate GPS motion.

Historical places: The GPS locations you could have spoofed on the map shall be saved for long run use.

Multi device reinforce: You can connect 3 other iOS tools to the same computer for GPS location spoofing or moving simulation.



Computer device for install

Windows XP or later

macOS 10.13 or later

iOS models to paintings with

  1. iPhone 4
  2. iPhone 5
  3. iPhone 6
  4. iPhone 7
  5. iPhone eight
  6. iPhone X/XS/XR
  7. iPhone 11
  8. iPad mini/2/7/10
  9. iPad Air
  10. iPod contact

iOS apps to spoof GPS on

  1. Pokemon Go
  2. Tinder
  3. Wizards Unite
  4. Bumble
  5. Grindr
  6. lifestyles360
  7. Find My
  8. Jurassic World Alive

User Experience & Reliability

Website Friendliness: Compared to other location spoofer systems, Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) is from a branded instrument dealer, Wonder share, and its web site is smoothly arranged. You can easily find what you are searching for, like product advent, operation guide, evaluations, and purchase web page with different licenses. But we will be able to infrequently in finding enough information to consult with from iSpoofer or iTools web pages.

Ease of Use: This iOS location changer works without depending on iTunes. This approach you’ll set it up in less than 5 minutes. Plus, a full-feature 2H spoofing trial (no longer very lengthy regardless that) is available, ensuring you’ll fully understand how it really works sooner than making a purchase order choice.

Risks of being banned: This iOS location spoofer works with well-known AR video games like Pokemon Go in fact, however it does no longer declare that on its web site, and all through use, it’s possible you’ll come upon too-fast-speed or too-long-distance warnings that objectives to make sure your account safety all the way through Pokemon Go spoofing.

Customer service: This GPS location spoofer product stocks the 24×7 customer support of Wondershare, making it simple to figure out the problem when things cross fallacious on the product. But for iSpoofer and iTools, they do not actually have a dedicated customer support.

Fake GPS Location on iPhone

iTools includes a tool called Virtual Location that permits you to modify your phone’s location. Start iTools and click on the Location button. At the highest of the map, kind in the location you want to faux and press Enter. On a map, you can see your GPS location transfer to the faked location.

dr.fone (iOS) – Easily changes and pretends the GPS location on iPhone

Must to say the GPS is one of the largest applied sciences in fashionable instances. It values a lot when it comes to navigation, travelling, and extra. However, issues changed when some new and fashionable geo-location-based dating Apps and games came up, like Pokemon Go, Wizard Unite, Yubo, Brightkite, and so on.

Emerging problems frustrated you whilst you use this type of apps; you need to win the particular awards to continue the AR video games even when you are not in the best house. It’s not an odd drawback.

And sometimes, this is a good concept to know more local friends upfront sooner than you move to a new position. Always, it’s possible you’ll want a faux GPS location spoofer to make it.

Some folks may let you know it’ll be a tough factor to fake GPS location, especially at the iPhone and iPad. You should know a just right toolkit, half the work two times the impact.


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