What Are The Main Points For Your Guest Posting On Free Sites


As is widespread within the ups and downs of blogging, I really don’t consider guest posting has pretty the benefits it at the time did, nevertheless it can still become a good approach to build your brand, increase targeted traffic and have inbound backlinks.

(Inbound links are just back links to the site from yet another web-site which could be fantastic for SEO. The greater well-established & high-ranking the website that backlinks to you, the better.) There are a few reasons why I can talk on this subject. First, I’ve been blogging since 2004 and in that time, I have received countless pitches from others requesting to guest post on my web site. Note: I never accept guest posts and never really have (mostly just my preference), but you might be interested in my post about pitches and what makes them good. It’s a post that goes nicely with this one and is recommended.

Selection Of Good Sites for Guest Posting

Not all traffic is good website traffic. Certainly not all traffic is the best visitors. Be thoughtful about which sites you will submit your guest post too for consideration.

You want visitors that sticks. You want people to be so intrigued by your guest post they click over towards your web-site (via your link during the bio) and find even more terrific info they love. Writing a guest post takes time and energy (it should anyway), so do not waste yours by submitting your content to a web-site whose readers aren’t your target audience. If you do, you might see a spike in targeted traffic temporarily, however it won’t last long. Are you looking cheap guest posting services on DA 50+ sites.

Hopefully you have a really superior idea of who your target audience is. Believe about what blogs they read. Those are the ideal places for your guest post. The second piece to this is, really don’t pursue guest posting on low quality sites. At best, a link back towards your web site from a flimsy web-site will yield a measly amount of traffic. At worst, it will be a signal to Google and other search engines that you are connected with low quality sites and may not be trustworthy.

Unique Content For Guest Posting

Your guest post should not become a post you have already published on your blog or elsewhere. I have rejected submissions for this reason alone. Some of them would otherwise have been superior fits.

Feel about it. A high quality site cares deeply about its reader experience. They pour many hours into creating the best content. Their goal is to stand out, to be the best in their niche. The last thing they want is rerun content from a different web site. Unless there is an explicit understanding between you and the blog owner about using content you’ve published elsewhere, it’s respectful and wise to write something original. To me, it demonstrates care and concern for them and their readers, not just getting traffic for yourself.

Write nicely

Again, it’s a no-brainer, but it’s worth a mention. A guest post submission should be your best work. It’s pretty easy to tell when someone has “thrown together a little something” vs. someone who has really taken the time and care to produce something of high quality. Remember, excellent sites are very particular about the kind of content they share with their readers.

Also, take extra care to use correct, grammar, spelling and punctuation. Edit, edit, edit. If you aren’t particularly confident in your writing ability, have someone else proof your post for you. Web page owners and Gatekeepers of Guest Posts do not have a lot of time. The less your guest post has to be edited and reformatted, the greater likely it will be published.



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