What is an online casino bonus?


With the ever-advancing technology, online casinos have become a go-to way for many players around the world to grab a game of their favourite casino classic, from any device they wish, anywhere they have a strong internet connection. And, you’ll be pleased to know that where there is an online casino, there are also casino promotional offers too. So, with this in mind, we’re going to look into these bonuses further and explore what they could offer you when activated.

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Welcome Bonus

Only applying to new players at a casino site, a welcome bonus is awarded when you sign up or create an account for the first time. New players are often gifted bonuses such as cash or free spins, but are most likely to find extra cash being given if you make an initial deposit of a certain amount – all information on this can be found on the terms and conditions page.

Loyalty Bonus

Promotions aren’t just available to new players, but to existing, loyal players too. With promotions offering cash rewards, free spins or other such offers, there are usually plenty of bonuses you can make the most of within the promotions page of the site. Some casino sites also offer a rewards club or VIP programme, where you can achieve extra bonuses from your deposit or by reaching milestones with the type and number of games you’ve played.

Bonus Cash

A bonus type that will most certainly boost your casino account balance, as this bonus tends to have no limits as to what you can apply it to, it’s just simply free credit added to your account, allowing you to use it how you see fit within the site. Although these promotions can be hard to find, when they do land on the promotions page there certainly is a buzz all around the virtual casino floor.

Deposit Bonus

One of the most common types of bonuses offered within an online casino site, the deposit bonus requires players to deposit a certain amount into their casino account in order to activate the reward. The reward can arrive in the form of extra cash, free spins or something else you can use on the virtual casino floor. Anything you win using this extra money is yours to keep.

Daily Bonus

A daily bonus is quite self-explanatory, as it is a type of bonus players can access once a day, every day. These come in the form of games where players can win prizes such as cash, free bets, scratchcards or free spins, for free! These offers are usually found within the promotions of the website, where it is up to each offered this daily bonus whether to take part or not. The daily bonus isn’t compulsory, and if you win a prize that you do not like, you do not have to claim it, however, you will have to wait until the next day to play again to see if you win something else. It’s good to remember, though, that a win isn’t always guaranteed.


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