What Makes a Great Sports Betting App?


The future of sports betting is highly likely to be played out on mobile devices. The majority of bookmakers offer a way to bet via your mobile.

For some this is by using your browser and the mobile version of their site. However, others which have a more advanced mobile offering have a mobile app in place which players can download and keep on their phones for when they want to bet.

The future of mobile betting will certainly involve betting apps and over the next few years, more bookmakers will begin to offer an app to their players. The latest mobile phones continue to improve and that allows apps to advance their features on a regular basis for players.

Betting apps have advanced greatly since they first hit the market a decade ago, and they are now something you can use as a standalone betting platform, without the need to use anything else.

But what exactly makes a great sports betting app? Here are three killer features of them.

Mobile App Specific Betting Offers

If you log onto any of the mobile sports betting apps that are available, you will see a range of offers for new customers and some for existing customers.

What bookmakers have done over the years to try and attract new players is make their betting offers more specific. This means we have seen offers for football games rather than general football offers, and ones for specific horse races rather than horse racing in general.

What makes a great sports betting app is offers which are specific for those who have the app. These are a reward as such for app players, and are a great way for those using their mobile to take advantage of something that cannot be found elsewhere.

Live Streaming and Betting

Two of the biggest new features we have seen from bookmakers in the past decade have been the introduction of live streaming and also live betting.

These are something that many users will use on a regular basis, and the best mobile apps will have these available.

Not every bookmaker offers them just yet, especially streaming, and not every app has them available. However, they can be found on the best sports betting apps.

This will allow you to live stream a range of events including the tennis ATP tour for example, and you will also be able to place any in play wagers you want to get on.

It is features like these two that are really making the top bookmakers stand out above the rest at the moment. For that reason, the best sports betting apps have these and other top features on them for players to use while they are betting.


This is a simple one, but still a very important one. When people bet on a mobile app, there is a chance that they are away from home and don’t have much time on their hands.

If this is the case then they need their app to be the quickest it can be.

This is not just about load times, but also about how long it takes to navigate markets to get where you need to be, and if there are any quick links on offer to the big events.

A mobile app that has excellent load times will find those quickly negated by complex menus that take a lot of time to get through.

A simple menu system is key to speed, combine that with fast load times and bookmakers are onto a winner in terms of speed.


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