What to Consider When Giving a Smartwatch to Your Kid


Getting smartwatches for kids is becoming more popular in today’s tech-savvy world. To learn what you should consider with kids and smartwatches you should consider the uses of smartwatches and also asking yourself if you really want to track your kid’s location or/and given him the possibility of having access to a complex gadget. 

Among the age and the characteristics of the smartwatch you want to get for your kid, it’s one of the things we are going to discuss in the following paragraphs.

What Functionalities Come with Smartwatches for Kid

The best smartwatches for kids come with GPS functionality. With these trackers, it is possible to know the exact location of your kid without much difficulty. Other functionalities to consider when getting smartwatches for kids include the SOS feature. This feature enables a child to send a distress signal in the event that they are in danger. Also, when giving smartwatches to kids, consider whether they have a calling functionality. The best smartwatches act as phones and allow the kid to call from any location that they are in at the touch of a button. This means that parents do not have to buy their kid’s smartphones if they have smartwatches. This is a great alternative to keeping kids in control of the online material they can access.

Is Tracking of Teens Necessary?

A question that lingers in the minds of many parents is, should you track your teen’s location? For the majority, the answer is in the affirmative, even though teens may feel this is an infringement on their freedom. In addition, when a teen realizes they are being tracked unnecessarily during every minute of their day, it creates tension and friction at home. However, in a world where crimes such as kidnappings are on the rise, parents will have peace of mind knowing that they can keep tabs on their children. It is important to have a conversation with your children about why the tracker adds safety to their everyday activities. This can go along way in reducing the feeling of having parents-turned-cops.

The ability of parents to balance the need for security and the independence of their child is vital. While many parents are deeply concerned about the welfare of their children when they are not in close proximity, some can go overboard. When this happens, a parent may be excessively obsessed with the whereabouts of their child, even when they’re in the hands of other caregivers, such as teachers in school. On the other hand, the child will always feel they do not have the independence to be themselves without being monitored. In this regard, it will benefit the parents if they can openly communicate with their child about why they need to track them. This is a good way of building a rapport and eliminating mistrust between the parents and the child.

Smartwatches for kids give parents control

Smartwatches for kids are designed with controls that give parents security and peace of mind when it comes to their children and communication. This implies that parents can monitor who is communicating with their child. The controls incorporated in the smartwatch have the ability to block any unknown numbers trying to reach the child. Furthermore, such controls ensure that only known devices can interact with the smartwatch, which puts parents at ease knowing their child is safe. Also, the best smartwatch for kids is customized for education. This gives parents the assurance that the child is not distracted during school hours. In addition, parents can control smartwatches by activating internet restrictions to make sure that the content their children are accessing is good for them.

While most tracking is done to find the whereabouts of your child, a fascinating aspect of smartwatches for kids is their ability to track children’s playing activities. Whereas many mobile gadgets such as smartphones and tablets keep the children glued to the screens with no activity, smartwatches motivate the children to engage in outdoor physical activities. With rising cases of child obesity, a crucial aspect for the parents to consider when giving smartwatches to their kids is whether it has the ability to encourage a child to move around while tracking their playtime. Smartwatches can have functionalities such as pedometers, which are creatively designed with bright colors to encourage children to play. Their smartwatches are set to track their play activities or exercise.


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