What’s Next for Smartphone Design?


For the past couple of decades, technology has been slowly taking over the world and significantly changing the way that we live. So much so that most of us who grew up without mobile phones and other personal electronics can’t imagine our lives right now without our trusty smartphone. Whether you’re an Apple iPhone fan or prefer the variety that Android handsets have to offer, all smartphone owners have one thing in common: their smartphone is a tool that they can use for many aspects of their life including productivity, communication, entertainment, and much more. As more smartphones than ever are released each year, we’re beginning to see more and more modern, cutting-edge technology. So, what’s in store for the future when it comes to your phone?

#1. Your Phone Will Recognise You:

Fingerprint and facial recognition are nothing new; Apple have used fingerprint recognition on several of their iPhone models, whilst several Android handsets offer the same feature for unlocking the screen. Facial recognition is being picked up by more and more handsets, and Apple even dropped the trusty fingerprint sensor from the iPhone X to create a phone that uses facial recognition technology instead. For extra security, new and emerging facial recognition software doesn’t just scan facial features; it also scans the contours of your head and face, ensuring that the software is difficult to fool and making it easier for the user to ensure that their handset always recognises them. In the future, your phone may recognise you in other unique ways such as the tone of your voice, your typing pattern or the way that you move.

#2. Your Phone Will Be More Durable:

We’ve all had a phone slip out of our hands and smashed the screen to smithereens. But new and emerging technologies are showing that modern handsets are becoming much more difficult to break. Using modern PCB design tools to make the inner components of your smartphone smaller than ever, designers are already working on flexible smartphone screens that along with being harder to damage, will also offer a more portable option that can be folded up in your pocket. But before then, more reliable hardware is expected to reach the market. Some wearable devices are already using sapphire glass and researchers have made significant breakthroughs when it comes to designing self-healing screens and even more durable screen materials, such as graphene glass.

#3. Your Phone Will Shift Reality:

Augmented reality (AR) is already gaining popularity in the gaming world, but you can expect it to make its way into several other aspects of your smartphone use. Imagine using a shopping app and being able to see just how you’d look wearing a certain item of clothing or testing how a certain item of furniture is going to look in your home before you make the commitment to buy it? As this technology continues to evolve, the next step will be smartphones that don’t just capture the images but are also able to project them into the real world.

Which of these developments are you the most excited about? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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