Which MI Phone Will Come at MWC 2018, Xiaomi MI7/ MI MIX 2S/MI 6X ?


On Feb 25, we have confirmed Galaxy S9 series will be released, which will become the focus of MWC 2018, according to other media, in order to avoid competing with Samsung, other smartphone brand has to delay their new flagship, but Xiaomi doesn’t want to lose this chance.

After getting through 2016 downtime, Xiaomi has made breakthrough in 2017, just as Lei Jun says, there is no smartphone company which can increase after its sale decrease, except Xiaomi, currently, Xiaomi smartphone product marketing manager leaked on Weibo that Xiaomi will attend MWC at the end of February, and it will be the first time to attend MWC for Xiaomi.

So which smartphone will Xiaomi bring? There are some choices, Xiaomi MI7, MI 6X, MI MX 2S, even others say they will release three ones.

The earliest leaked one is Xiaomi MI7, about it  Lei Jun leaked at Qualcomm summit that next flagship will use Snapdragon 845 processor,  so it should be Xiaomi MI7. Besides, it will use bezelless screen, double glass, adopting wireless charging like iPhone 8 and iPhone X. It is said  the advanced version may be over 3,000 yuan, $500.

But after Xiaomi MI7, Xiaomi MI6X has also been leaked, and there are more live images about Xiaomi MI 6X, according to real images, it will use bezelless screen, all metal body, sleek back body, meanwhile, it has dual rear camera vertically, similar to iPhone X. The other attractive feature is to use its own Pinecone processor, Pinecone Surge S2,  will Xiaomi MI 6X use Surge S2 processor to get more sales than MI 5X?

As for Xiaomi MI MIX 2S, it will be the middle version of Xiaomi MI MIX 2 and Xiaomi MI MIX 3,  according to product chain, Xiaomi is preparing Xiaomi MI MIX 2S,.

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But according to our experience, Xiaomi MI 6X will come first, because it will not compete with Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus directly, and it is time to release its new processor.

Therefore, what do you think about it? Which phone do you want to see first?

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