Who needs to pay closing costs- buyers or sellers? 


Most argumentized and confusing question that hits every person who will list its property either for buying purpose or selling purpose. Most probably, in some arrangements, the buyer has to pay the closing price, but also it is seen that in some cases, the sellers also paid the closing cost. So, the question is, who Will pay the closing price at the end of the deal, either buyers or sellers.

It is analyzed that it totally depends on the words mentioned in the agreement, and most probably, it is decided initially according to the mutual understanding of both parties, the sellers and buyers. In most cases, the sellers and buyers have to bear the closing cost equally.

If we discuss estimating the closing cost calculator, then it is the same for both parties. The closing cost calculator for buyers and the closing calculator for sellers are the same with the same estimated region or state featured information.

So, there is no change in the method. Still, the closing cost varies for both the sellers and the buyers have to pay 3 to 5 percent of the closing price, on the other hand, the sellers have to pay the biggest amount of real estate agent commission fees that is up to 6 percent of the listing price.

The commission fees mostly lie in many ranges that particularly go from some hundred dollars to thousand dollars. Rather than commission fees, the sellers have to face other expenses.

I think you have developed your interest in this post, then let me explain the expenses needed to be settled from both sides, the seller’s side and from the buyer’s side.

List of expenses settled by the sellers

  • Title insurance fees of buyers because some fees are applicable to be settled here to pay for the insurance and verification of the title.
  • The Mortgage payoff and prepayment penalty are applicable in some regions or states. You have to search for the state in which your listing is located, and if you are getting help from the closing cost calculator, it sets this information by default according to the selected region.
  • The buyers have to pay outstanding amounts owed on the property like internet bills or other bills.
  • In some cases, the seller’s attorney fees are paid by the buyers; otherwise, most probably, the sellers pay the fees.
  • Recording and Transfer taxes charges

List of expenses settled by the buyers

  • The bank Loan charges to get a loan for the purchase
  • The credit report charges also incur to apply for the loan that charges up to 20 dollars to 200 dollars.
  • The title search fee is applicable to search for the boundaries
  • The lender’s title insurance is mostly required for the mortgage.
  • The home inspection fee is also necessary to check the structure and interior of the house
  • The appraisal charges are also essential to examine the market value

Last words

Remember I have mentioned some of the major and important expenses for both sides, if there are any that can be included in the list, but in the end, both parties have to pay the closing cost.


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