Why use video quotes for your marketing strategy


With social networks being so important for businesses nowadays, it’s easy to see that there is a lot of emphasis on using quotes in content. Does it work? Are they effective? Some say no while others are of the opinion that these short pieces can actually help inspire your audience to accomplish great things. Isn’t that fascinating! But what most people don’t know is just how many types of quotes one can use to provide inspiration on Social Media platforms. It all depends on the type of website you have, which could be anything from a blog to an e-commerce platform, or a site dedicated to experts and thought leaders.

Using video quotes in social media have the power to enrich people’s lives, connect communities, and take an active part in shaping businesses. The purpose of video quotes within social media posts is to form positive relationships, bond, and establish trust between your brand and potential customers. Quotes are used for non-promotional posts, making it easier for brands wanting to create engaging content on a daily basis.

What is a Video Quote?

A quote video is a short video that displays a text quote, usually humorous or sweet, set upon an eye-catching imagery backdrop. Quote videos are particularly popular on social media platforms.

7 Reasons to Use Quotes in Your Marketing Strategy

Video quotes are a great way to entertain your clients and to get them to remember your brand. Here’s why you should use video quotes to boost your business.

Can Steal Hearts of Your Potential Customers

A video quote is a powerful way to capture people and astound them with the wisdom you have embedded within your business. A video quote can be used to demonstrate the company’s value and vision, as well as a product or service.

Catches Sentiments

Quotes can be humorous, thoughtful, inspiring, and thought-provoking. Posts with quotes have high engagement rates because people connect with the message and say that it resonates with them in one way or another. People love posting them to Twitter and Instagram because they’re easy to share, they can inspire people, they often include a lot of words that rhyme and they tend to be meaningful. Video quotes can have a great impact on your potential customers in an entertaining way.

Influencer Outreach

Influencer marketing is a very effective strategy for sharing information with the masses. Influencers tend to have large numbers of followers and are more likely to pick up on your product – if you quote them alongside an image, people will naturally align themselves with those and feel like they’re supporting them too by sharing their views! By influencer marketing, you can get the following:

  • Accessibility to their target market
  •  Participation in their discussions
  • More traffic to your brand
  • Increased presence on social media
  • Social support and more.

Makes your content alive

One of the best ways to get your message across is by making use of quotes. Quotes are known to be catchy and easy to remember, so people tend to quote them often in their conversations as if they were dropping pearls in a conversation at an opportune moment. But have you ever seen quotes come alive in a video format? There’s something about connecting it with beautiful images that makes it even more memorable and inspiring than just a plain quote.

Build Loyalty

People often turn to social media platforms to receive the information they can apply to their own lives in one way or another. If you are providing content that is valuable, then more people will be more likely to visit your brand and interact with the things you post. Video quotes also help build loyalty because they really allow viewers on your page to see the fun personality that differentiates you from your competition.

Grabs Attention

Video quotes are a great way to get the audience’s attention, but they can sometimes fall short if the quote isn’t creatively portrayed. In order for your products and services to compete, the quotes used need to be more captivating from point one. Video quotes help you do just that because users become engaged much quicker than if they scrolled through just quote photos.

Easy to create

Video quotes are a simple way to add a bit of creativity and uniqueness to your brand. Although they don’t require much effort to create, video quotes can bring your company or presentation to life. 

To get started simply find some video footage that will match the quotes you’re interested in and carefully place the text where you like over the background. Then, using an easy online video editor tool like InVideo, crop any excess footage to leave only what you need to effectively get your message across with substance and style!


Videos quotes are an affordable and effective way to get your message seen by more people. When you have a message to get out to the world, it is important to have an edge above the competition. Using video quotes is a great way to gain traction in your marketing campaign and capture the attention of your target audience. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and build trust and credibility. You can send a friendly reminder on social media or post it on your blog to get new leads. With video quotes, your customers are more likely to remember your name and product.


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