Will the Gimbal Camera System take over the OIS camera technology?


With smartphones replacing professional cameras for photography, smartphone companies are making strides in camera technology. The Gimbal Camera System (GCS) was recently introduced in smartphones, while the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) has been included in these devices since 2014. Now, with the Gimbal camera system, smartphones are not limited to partial stabilization in photography that OIS previously offered. Today, we’re here with a comparison of GCS and OIS in smartphone photography to help decide your next pick!

3D movements for Improved Results:

OIS has been integrated into smartphones for almost a decade now, but with smartphone camera technology rapidly evolving, the stabilization OIS offers is not enough for modern users who want to make videos and take photos while on the move. Young people want to capture pictures and shoot videos with their smartphones everywhere they go, no matter what they’re doing. Whether it’s cruising, running, or dancing around, people want to take the perfect captures to share with their friends. The latest Gimbal camera system does just that! It offers flexible 3D stabilization through mechanical movement that traditional OIS does not provide.

Enhanced Stabilization Angle:

A traditional OIS in smartphones can be converted to around ±1°, whereas GCS gives a maximum stabilization angle of up to ±3°. This shows that the gimbal camera system offers a 300% improved stabilization angle than the OIS, meaning your photography experience will be tremendously elevated with this latest camera feature. Creating shaky and blurry videos takes the fun out of photography while wasting your time and effort. So now, you won’t have to worry about that because you will be able to take photos and make videos all you want without worrying about them coming out blurry!

Innovative Performance:

OIS technology has definitely improved much throughout the years but is limited to a two-dimensional; its camera stabilization cannot compete with the latest gimbal camera system. The introduction of the gimbal camera system offers groundbreaking innovation in the smartphone industry as it changes the photography game forever!

Only a limited number of smartphones come with this recent technology, but now it is rumored that TECNO’s latest Camon 18 series will include a gimbal camera system for an extraordinary photography experience. So, do follow TECNO on their social media platforms to learn more about the upcoming exciting release!


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