World of Mazes – A VR Episodic Adventure and a Must-Play of 2020


Adventure gaming has always been a genre that broke new grounds for the entire industry, but most of the games did so quietly and without too much fanfare. Studios like Lucas Arts and Cyan Worlds managed to create titles that have changed the landscape of gaming forever, not just in the domain of adventures but for many other genres as well. Now, a game development company by the name of RiseAngle also stands a good chance to enter the same hall of fame with its newest release called World of Mazes. This adventure game comes in the episodic format, but more importantly, it is a full VR title that is available on Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, and Gear VR. RiseAngle released a new and improved version of the game on Oculus Go in December 2019 with extended story and separate chapters as separate listings, Saving Princess Maya, and Secrets of the Ancients, and we hear they will release the new versions on other platforms as well.

Nominated by VR game reviews website, Salty Truth, as the best Oculus Go game to play in 2020, why does this game stand out from the crowd of new virtual reality releases that are currently gaining in numbers? Firstly, it provides a strong narrative experience and its story offers the same level of quality as many of the famous adventure titles. The fantasy tale of the World of Mazes takes the players in an unknown realm where a princess by the name of Maya has been kidnapped and one of her trustworthy servants, Gelayon ends up in the same dungeon as the player. There, they form an alliance and begin the quest to save Princess Maya, but also figure out who took her and for what purpose. The story, following the tradition of the best fantasy tales in the world, immediately immerses the players into its whimsical and engaging universe.

As soon as the game begins, so does its excellent mixture of narrative experience and wonderful VR gaming come to bare. While most games that utilize puzzle-based mechanics suffer from a lack of any story structure, World of Mazes is the complete opposite. Its puzzle challenges are designed to blend perfectly with the game’s story, as well as the entire fantasy world where the game takes place. Right from the start, the players will be able to explore amazing landscapes, get to know the fascinating characters like Gelayon, Ayla, Procket, Engilava, and Lavasaurus, and finally become entangled in a creation of pure imagination. In this regard, the game really shines as a bright example of what is possible with the use of the VR devices.

Each of the realms in the World of Mazes is a unique space in its own right. Each of them features an incredible sky above where green galaxy clouds twirl or when comets rush through the twilight. On the surface, they are also unique and distinctive. From the dungeons of the Aztyle Maze realm to the waste Grezorth Maze where lava boils and flows, all of the episodes include a strong feeling of simply being there that every player will certainly experience. When rich gameplay mechanics are added to the same gaming experience, which includes environmental and regular puzzles, many items that can be gathered and combined, it is clear that World of Mazes offers hours of VR fun.

All of this makes the game something that is special on the current virtual reality gaming market and a must-play game in 2020 and beyond. With the World of Mazes, any player can see and feel the true power of VR immersiveness as they put on their headsets and embark on a journey that is truly out of this world.


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