Xduoo X2S Music MP3 Player Offered at $59.07 [Lowest Price]


The most important and basic information about the new xDuoo X2s Music Player is a $50 Hi-Fi player with an incredible power of 250 mW at 32 ohms. Of course, it is worth comparing it with the previous X2 model, which at one time was the most popular also because of its high power at a low cost, and therefore it was forgiven for its external budget.

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The overall texture of the Yidu X2S is very good. Although it is small, it has a tough design language, and the details are well-polished. The whole machine is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, and the integrated body is finely polished. The touch and texture of the X2S are really good, making the player more stable and powerful. A 0.96-inch display is used on the front of the player. The screen material is OLED and can display 4 lines of text. The text colors are yellow and blue-green. Its display contrast is high, which also greatly improves the overall appearance of the X2S.

Although the thickness has been increased this time, the size is still small enough to fit in any pocket, which is absolutely essential for sports or street use. It is also very light at 50g. As an upgraded version of the X2, the Xduoo X2S also has many differences in details, such as the layout of the keys and the design of the keys. It has 4 front buttons (menu, forward, back, play/pause), two side buttons (volume +, volume -), and a top button (on/off).


In terms of hardware configuration, Yidu X2S is equipped with Actions Semiconductor’s ATJ2167 as the main control chip, and a built-in RICORE RT6863 amplifier, with an incredible 250mW power under 32-ohm impedance. Overall, its performance is still quite strong. X2S supports various mainstream audio formats, including DFF, DSF, APE, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, ACC, MP3, WMA, etc. Among them, DSD playback supports 128 hard solution, and PCM supports up to 24bits/192KHz.


The first thing that surprised xDuoo X2s is that there is no background noise even on sensitive in-ear headphones. Although it should be obvious: the xDuoo X2s player is a budget device, there are no normal filters and normal strapping, so excess power should have its negative consequences. But this does not happen – the player behaves adequately with in-ear headphones.


It is worth mentioning that the Xduoo X2S has a built-in 800 mAh polymer lithium battery (the mobile phone charger can be fully charged in about two and a half hours), and its battery life can reach 10 hours. Even if it is used heavily, it is enough for a day of listening. sound needs.

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The overall impression of the xDuoo X2s players is the most positive. With great confidence, we can say that the firmware will finish the sound, it will become smoother and more analytical, as happened with the X2 model. If you need an increase in quality, especially with in-ear headphones, you should choose a DAC amplifier for the same money. You can grab it now on AliExpress at Just $59.07 at the cheapest price all the time on the 11.11 sale. You just need to put it in your cart and place the order when sales will be started. Click the button and add to cart now.

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