XGIMI Elfin Ultra Compact Mini Projector at Just $799


The XGIMI Elfin Projector is a product that brings XGIMI’s expertise in projectors to an extremely small and portable format, which does not disappoint in terms of image quality or functions, offering FullHD quality with the brightness of up to 800 ANSI lumens, that’s why mention the Android 10 operating system as the engine of the experience.

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The body of XGIMI Elfin is made of matte plastic, which does not leave fingerprints. The device measures 192 x 194 x 48 mm and weighs 900G. The front of the lens is protected by durable glass, the rear has one HDMI 2.0 port, one USB 2.0 port, a 3.5 mm headphone or speaker jack, a power button and a power supply jack. To set up the projector, place it against any light-colored wall. The brightness of the device allows you not even to use a perfectly white surface on which the image will be projected, it is enough that the wallpaper is plain and light.


The XGIMI Elfin has a non-removable LED lamp with a lifespan of 30,000 hours. This is about 10 years if you watch movies for 8 hours every day. The maximum brightness of the device is 600-800 lumens, the dynamic range is HDR10 +, and the resolution is 1080p (Full HD). To get a 200-inch diagonal image, you need to place the projector at a distance of 3.2 meters from the screen or wall. For me, it became optimal to put the XGIMI Elfin at 1.5 meters and get a picture with a diagonal of about 80 inches.


Inside, the XGIMI Elfin has a 0.33-inch DLP 1080p imaging chip, which allows it to project a 30-200-inch image and handle 4K input. The XGIMI Elfin does not have a built-in battery, so the gadget will not work without external power. But there is a built-in memory of 16 GB, so you can download movies to XGIMI Elfin via a USB flash drive.

800 ANSI Lumens

The XGIMI Elfin really stands out for its brightness level of 800 ANSI Lumens, a figure rarely reached by a portable Pico projector like this one, it even surpasses the XGIMI Halo, a popular model from this company that also stands out for its compact format, but whose brightness is 642 lumens. Be that as it may, the image is clear enough even with the ceiling lights on.


The connections of the XGIMI Elfin are located on the back, as is the on/off switch with a solid pressure point. HDMI 2.0, a USB 2.0 connection for mass storage, and the DC connection for power are installed. The only output is a 3.5mm jack, which can be used to connect headphones or a soundbar with no latency.


The XGIMI Elfin comes with Android TV 10. The initial setup is accordingly quick and easy. You can either use your smartphone or enter all the data yourself using the remote control. To do this, you have to pair the remote control via Bluetooth with the projector once by pressing and holding the home and back buttons for a few seconds.

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