Xiaomi 7-inch Large Screen New Concept Phone: Drilling Screen, 4500 mAh, Super Cost-Effective


Recently, the news of the Xiaomi New Concept Phone preheating release has been matched. It shows that OPPO and Huawei’s new phones are released. Later, there is a Meizu official Xuan Xin phone to meet with you immediately. I have to say that this competition is really fierce. But how can we reduce Xiaomi? Don’t worry, today is to share with you the good news about Xiaomi. Recently, when many new machines were released, Xiaomi’s new screen was leaked. It is said that it was leaked. The price is absolutely good.  According to the news of Xiaomi New Concept Phone, the new machine is positioned at the mid-end, which is a cost-effective thousand-yuan phone. The overall performance is very strong. From the new machine rendering of the exposure, we can get some related news. When we see the new machine rendering, the first impression is definitely big, because the phone is a 7-inch large-screen phone, the visual effect is very strong. In the design, the drilling screen design is used. It is an AMOLED magic screen. It also adopts DC dimming technology, which can protect our eyes very well. If you stare at the screen for a long time, it will not hurt your eyes. The rate is 2340*1080 pixels and the resolution is very good.

The Xiaomi New Concept Phone has a great improvement on the camera. The front is a single-lens camera with a pixel of 20 Megapixels. It uses: F/1.6 aperture, supports AI beauty technology, self-timer is good; on the rear, The rear dual camera, equipped with an LED flash, the rear pixel is 32MP + 12MP, support optical anti-shake and night mode, for the mid-range models, such camera configuration is still very good.

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In the core configuration, the opportunity to carry the Snapdragon 712 processor, and start with 4G storage, up to 6G storage, after all, it is a mid-range model. Battery life is a major feature of the phone, equipped with a large battery capacity of 4500 mAh, also supports fast charge, really no longer have to worry about the problem of insufficient power. Because Xiaomi New Concept Phone has always been known for its high-cost performance, this time it will not let everyone down. According to the news, the price of the machine is expected to start at 1699 yuan ($253.36). This way, the value and performance configuration is already very conscience. What do you think of it?

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