Xiaomi 90-Minute color Suitcase Launched Just at $85.99


Ouyang Nana became the spokesperson for the Xiaomi 90-Point Color Suitcase. The 90-Point Color Suitcase was launched on Tmall today, with a pre-sale price of 699 yuan and a hand price of 599 yuan ($85.99).  The 90-Point Color Suitcase currently has only one size of 20 inches. It is available in two colors of Burning Orange and Aura Blue, with highly saturated colors, which are very eye-catching.

The 90-Point Color Suitcase is made of German Covestro polycarbonate, multi-layer composite structure, and weighs only 3Kg. It is easy to carry by girls with one hand, which is light and resistant to fall. The box size is 550x380x225mm, the volume is 37.6L per month, and the internal double-sided storage bag is designed to protect privacy on one side and the visible grid on the other side for easy searching.

Aviation 6 series aluminum alloy rod, supports four different telescopic lengths. The curved handle is not tight, a TSA code lock, and a splash-proof zipper. The Xiaomi 90-Point Color Suitcase adopts classic double row 360° universal wheels, high elasticity, light sound, and wears resistance, farewell to the embarrassing noise.

90 points is a trademark applied by Shanghai Runmi Technology Co., Ltd. in May 2015. It aims to create a lifestyle brand with “easy travel” as the starting point. It is derived from the current attitude of young people and advocates “light fun, beautiful, vitality” “Texture” lifestyle.

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In February 2015, Runmi Technology was established. Runmi Technology is a subsidiary of Korrun Co., Ltd. It received investment from Shunwei in the same month and became a Xiaomi ecological chain company and established a 90-point brand. In September 2015, the 90-point brand released its first product on Xiaomi.com-the 90-point suitcase (20 inches).


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