Xiaomi AIRPOP Sport Wristband Launched : 3D Weave Comfort Protection


Whether it is fitness or daily activities, the wrist is a high-frequency active body part, which is naturally the hard-hit area that is easy to be injured. Wearing a wristband can give wrist support to limit the wrist activity, and also can help the injured wrist to be nurtured. Today, Xiaomi had a wristband- AIRPOP Sports wristband which is delivered by Yiyi Electronic Technology and provided for after-sales. It is available in gray-blue only, each for 39 yuan (about $5.78).

It is reported that the AIRPOP Sports wristband adopts a high-density preparation method, which is delicate and not easy to pilling. The high-elastic flexible fabric makes it comfortable to wear and fits, and at the same time, it can exert pressure on the wrist to help the muscles to last a long time. At the same time prevent wrist sprains caused by sudden situations.

The AIRPOP Sport wristband uses 3D stereoscopic technology to enhance the elasticity of the wristband while ensuring lightness and softness, keeping the skin of the wearer dry. Especially in the use of sports and fitness, the advantages are most obvious, can adjust the degree of tightness, give the wrist fixed support and pressure, reduce swelling, strengthen the stability of exercise, to deal with different intensity of exercise training, reduce repetitive motion Wrist damage.

The AIRPOP Sports wristband can be operated with one hand. When using it, the thumb will escape into the thumb buckle, and then the hand or the palm of the hand will be pulled up and wrapped around the wrist. The left and right hands can be used, and the size, winding direction and tightness are all used. It can be adjusted according to individual circumstances.

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