Xiaomi Have Launched Mi Charge Turbo Wireless Charging Technology


Xiaomi Mobile revealed some information and said that it will tell everyone at 10 o’clock today about the charging technology of the 5G era. On September 6th, Xiaomi officially announced that he will hold the charging technology communication meeting of Xiaomi 5G era on September 9.

From the poster released by Xiaomi, the Xiaomi 5G era charging technology communication conference should release a technology called MI CHARGE Turbo, which may be about wireless charging, not wired charging. In the poster released by Xiaomi on September 5th, the poster shows that the wireless flash charging speed will surpass the wired charging in a surge, and the charging speed can lead by about 50% in the future. Now that cable charging has basically broken through 40W, and even more, than 50W, the wireless charging speed in the 5G era is likely to reach 50W, which is simply incredible.

As early as March of this year, Xiaomi announced an advanced technology for wired charging, which has a power of 100W and can fully charge a 4000mAh Xiaomi phones in 17 minutes in the boot environment. According to this information, Xiaomi’s wired charging still has a 100W plan, then wireless charging seems to lead. What is the MI CHARGE Turbo that Xiaomi is about to show with everyone? Let us look forward to the communication meeting on September 9.

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