Xiaomi is That Officially Announce The MIUI 11 Adaptation Plan?


It feels like I have just updated MIUI 10, MIUI 11 is coming? In fact, this is true, because system development is time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially in depth. It is not surprising that it has been used for more than a year. However, a list of mobile phones adapted to MIUI11 has recently appeared on the Internet, and the moderator of the Xiaomi community issued an announcement: This list is fake. As for the time when MIUI 11 came, I would like to comment on it.

Evaluation of Jun searched the news, MIUI 11 seems to have just set up before the Spring Festival. Even the Android native system can be released after a series of adaptations, debugging, and optimizations. It is not surprising that the middle process takes three or five months. For the deep customization system of Xiaomi MIUI, it also involves redoing the interface style, adjusting the structure logic, binding various functions and even redrawing the icons, etc. The adaptation is almost at the last work.

If you can’t understand this process, take a look at the MIUI 10 timeline. The news that was being developed was released at the beginning of 2017, and it was officially released in January 2018. The official gave a timetable for adapting each model after the release. The first batch of development versions such as Xiaomi Mi 8 was in late June, and other models were later, and then the stable version was pushed.

In contrast, look at the so-called “MIUI11 adapter model”, the new system development is just in its infancy, if the rhythm and MIUI10 are the same, at least until the next year to see MIUI 11, then the official will It is an early one year to announce when the development version will be released and which models will fit. Even the encounter upgrading from MIUI 9 to MIUI 10 that only half of the interval case, this adaptation list as early as several months, the reality is not high.

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However, the so-called realism is not high, in fact, it is only that the list is an unofficial version. This list is basically the models that have been listed in the last three years, and should normally be taken care of by MIUI 11. That is to say, in case the MIUI11 is really released, the vast majority of these models will definitely be in the official adaptation list, so don’t worry.

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