Xiaomi Launches MiJia Dictionary Pen at 699 yuan, $100


At 10 am on December 14, Xiaomi Mijia Dictionary Pen will start crowdfunding on Mi Mall, with a retail price of 799 yuan, $115 and a crowdfunding price of 699 yuan, $100.

New products are equipped with laser scanning, 15 million + large word bank, fast identification and accurate translation, both translation machine and sound recorder, multi-language translation and other selling points.

MiJia Dictionary pen has an 8 megapixel camera at the back and supports multi-angle scanning. It abandons fixed posture and is as free as writing. Laser assisted positioning, supporting multi-line, full-page photo translation.

The recognition rate of Chinese and English 0CR words of Mijia Dictionary pen is as high as 99%, the online/offline translation accuracy rate is claimed to be comparable to the English TEM 8, the OCR recognition speed of large text query is more than 300% higher than the performance of multi-line scanning, and it can also be used offline.

It has more than 15 million articles in both English and Chinese, including professional English and Chinese dictionaries such as the 9th edition of Oxford Advanced English-Chinese Dual Interpretation Dictionary, Kingsoft Word Hegemony, Students’ Standard Dictionary of Modern Chinese, Chinese Idiom Dictionary, and Students’ Ancient Chinese Dictionary. It is also supported offline.

More support shooting content output to small program, editing, sharing and printing. Wrong topic, noun sentence, important and difficult points are not under the words.

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Mijia Dictionary pen adopts dual microphone far-field sound picking and AI noise reduction algorithm, which can support real-time speech translation and recording to text, to meet the needs of English social communication and large class recording.


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