Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Antutu Test Score: Never Expected Scored


Yao Liang, general manager of the marketing department of Xiaomi China, conducted a “Antutu run” test on Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Smartphone today. The results showed that when using Xiaomi’s ice-cooled cooling back clip, The aircraft Antutu runs 610,000 points.

Yao Liang also said, “The latest version of MIUI (GPU driver 444), the mobile phone plus Xiaomi’s ice-cooled back clip. This score is with accessories, so don’t use it for comparison. The normal temperature score is about 60.5 (ten thousand).”

Xiaomi’s ice-cooled cooling back clip. This is a cooling accessory introduced by Xiaomi. It claims to be able to install a “refrigerator” for mobile phones.

It can cool 10 ° in one minute. C, the body is equipped with 5 blades, the speed is up to 6000 rpm, and the noise on the front of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Smartphone is as low as 30dB during operation. The power supply interface of the cooling back clip is Type-C, and the charging power needs to be more than 5V2A. Officials say this product is suitable for phones with a width of 67-88mm, and the price is 129 yuan.

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