Xiaomi MI 11 Advanced Version Camera Design Leaked


The blogger @digital Chat revealed that xiaomi’s mi 11 series high profile version is designed as a horizontal matrix camera.

According to the disclosure, the Mi 11 series is likely to launch two models like the Mi 10 series, which are expected to be named the Mi 11 and the Mi 11 Pro.

The premium version mentioned above should be the Mi 11 Pro, which is expected to adopt a horizontal matrix camera design.

In the Samsung S10 series and Meizu 17 series, both models are designed with horizontal camera layout.

However, the Samsung S10 and Meizu 17 are both oblong, and if the Mi 11 Pro is a horizontal matrix, it will probably have a rectangular design, with multiple cameras expected to be arranged horizontally.

There’s no word on the exact size of the Mi 11 Pro camera, but it’s clear that the oversize bottom is a direction, and whether it will be 100 megapixels or 48 megapixels will have to wait for an official announcement.

It’s worth noting that the Mi 11 Pro will debut with qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor.

The Snapdragon 888 mobile platform uses a 5nm process and has a built-in Kryo 680 CPU. The core of the snapdragon 888 is based on an ARM’s latest Cortex X1 super-core which is 2.84ghz +3 A78 large cores which are 2.4ghz +4 A55 small cores which are 1.8ghz.

Not only that, snapdragon 888 is integrated with Adreno 660 GPU. The graphics rendering speed is up to 35% higher than the previous platform, and the performance is strong.

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In addition, the Mi 11 Pro is expected to support the 100-watt super fast charge. At present, xiaomi mi 10 supreme version has been the first to support 120W flash charge, thus guess mi 11 Pro quick charge specifications is at least 120W.


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