Xiaomi Mi 12S VS Xiaomi Mi 12X Quick Comparison Review


The price difference between the same storage version of Xiaomi Mi 12S and Mi 12X has exceeded 1,000 yuan, and there are three main differences between these two models, namely processor, camera, and charging.

In terms of selection, if the requirements for daily use and photography are not high, in fact, the Mi 12X is competent in both performance and photography; while the performance and imaging quality of the Mi 12S are significantly improved, which are the main factors affecting decision-making! The Xiaomi Mi 12X uses the previously well-received Snapdragon 870 processor, with an entertainment rabbit running score of around 700,000, and the smoothness of games and daily use can be guaranteed; while the Mi 12S is the latest Snapdragon 8+ processor, This TSMC OEM chip is equivalent to giving the entire mobile phone industry a shot in the arm. It has strong performance and stable power consumption. The overall quality is definitely much stronger than that of the 870. It is the core SOC of the flagship machine in the second half of the year.

The main highlights of the Xiaomi Mi 12X are the 32-megapixel selfie and the 50-megapixel main camera of the IMX766 sensor, which is relatively durable in the 2,000 yuan range!

The Mi 12S not only upgraded the 50-megapixel outsole main camera with the rear IMX707 sensor, but also introduced Leica images, and the imaging quality and color science have been significantly upgraded! Among them, Leica not only brings two native image qualities but also a variety of Leica-style filters, which are highly playable!

Both models support 67W wired flash charging, but Xiaomi Mi 12S also has 50W wireless charging, which makes the charging experience even better!

In other respects, the two models are basically the same, such as the 6.28-inch small-sized curved screen, which is more convenient to operate with one hand and has a better feel; as well as the same 4500mAh battery, X-axis motor, dual speakers, etc.!

In short, in the choice of these two models, the Mi 12X can basically meet the needs of most users for mobile phones, while the Mi 12S performs better in performance, photography, and wireless charging! At present, there is a price difference of more than 1,000 yuan for the same storage version of the two models. It must be that the Mi 12X is more cost-effective, but the Mi 12S has a better experience! So choose the one that suits you according to your budget and needs. If you like mobile phone photography or Vlog, you can take the following courses, from beginner to proficient.

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