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We’re still delighted by the incredible value of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7, the company’s latest budget fitness tracker. The device packs a powerful wearable into a small form factor and looks good. However, we already looked forward to Xiaomi’s next iteration – the Mi Band 8. Read on to see everything we know so far, and we’ll keep updating this hub as rumors and facts unfold.

Will there be Mi Band 8?

Despite intensified competition in the bracelet segment, Xiaomi remains the leader with its Mi Band series. Even if we had any doubts, the rumor mill was on alert. Comments from industry leakers on Twitter confirm that the company will release another bracelet this year. We think it’s safe to assume that Xiaomi will continue its established naming convention, calling it the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 in some markets and the Mi Smart Band 8 in regions like Europe. In short, yes, a Mi Band 8 is coming.

When is the Mi Band 8 release date?

  • Mi Band: July 2014
  • Mi Band 2: June 2016
  • Mi Band 3: May 2018
  • Mi Band 4: June 2019
  • Mi Band 5: June 2020
  • Mi Band 6: March 2021
  • Mi Band 7: May 2022
  • Mi Band 7 Pro: June 2022

The above list represents the release dates of previous generations of Mi Bands in China. Typically, these bands hit the global market weeks after their national launch. While last year’s model was released in May, the Mi Band 6 was released in March, so there’s a good chance that the Mi Band 8 is on the way. Based on many rumors and image leaks, the device could hit store shelves this quarter. At the very least, it’s likely to arrive in early summer.

Will there be a Mi Band 8 Pro?

We hope so. In our Mi Band 7 Pro review, we were impressed by the pricier model’s elegant design, built-in GPS, and better battery life. We’d love to see this model return in the next generation, preferably with more improvements. If Xiaomi repeats this lineup, we’ll likely see its launch in China a month or so after the base model.

Design and Specifications

The Mi Bands haven’t changed much in the overall design, but last year’s model introduced a larger,, more vibrant touchscreen display than its predecessor. It also increases the brightness (in nits) of the lines. On the new model, shoppers will find the pill shape we know and love and an equally appealing AMOLED display. We expect the line to retain the always-on functionality and the same redesigned UI we first saw on the Mi Band 7.

The main change that you can spot in the leaked image reported by GoAndroid is the new strap design. Instead of wrapping around the tracking pill, the upcoming straps attach to each side of the device. This brings the Mi Band 8 closer to the current Pro model and other popular wearables, including Fitbit’s Inspire 3. Howeverit doesn’t look like the tracker is compatible with the company’s current Pro model despite using a detachable strap.

The report contains the Band’s model number M2239B1 and confirms that the device has received NRRA Korea certification. The images show a slightly different sensor package than the previous model, but internal specifications are still unclear. We see confirmation that the device will have Bluetooth 5.1 (a downgrade on paper from the Mi Band 7’s Bluetooth 5.2) and a 3.87-volt battery.

Health and Fitness Tracking

While we haven’t seen many details about the health and fitness tracking we can expect, we know the new Band will likely have a similar experience to the previous one. Fortunately, during our Mi Band 7 review, we were delighted with the company’s improvements.

The Mi Band 8 will likely offer all the basics of activity and sleep tracking, continuous blood oxygen monitoring and low SpO2 alerts, and all-day heart rate, sleep, and stress monitoring. We also expect an equally impressive number of sports tracking modes (120!), hopefully not more. Like its predecessor, the Mi Band 8 may also monitor detailed fitness data such as training load, training effect, recovery time, and maximal oxygen uptake.

We’re not sure if Xiaomi will add GPS to this model, as that’s a factor that puts the Pro model a step ahead. More likely, the base model will only offer connected GPS. However, we will keep these details updated as we learn more.

What is the price of Mi Band 8?

The Mi Band 7 brings a slight price increase to the line and launches at around $60. It also introduced a ton of new features and a massive design upgrade. Not long after, Xiaomi released a Pro model with a smartwatch-style display for more than $100. If the company repeats this two-pronged approach with its line of trackers, we expect the upcoming devices to land at the same price.

It’s hard to imagine Xiaomi storming the Mi Band 8 again unless it adds something substantial to users’ wrists (ok? onboard GPS). Most likely, some essential features will be reserved for large-screen wearables.

More smart functions

While “band” is one of four words in the device’s name, we wouldn’t hesitate if the Band had more to say in the smartwatch world. Current models offer innovative features like notifications and music controls but are still limited on the heavyweights.

The global model doesn’t offer NFC support, nor does it have a voice assistant. This isn’t unheard of on a wristband, but it’s rare at this price point and could help Xiaomi stay ahead of the competition. Simply put, we love the small form factor of this bracelet; we wish it worked harder.

Equipped with GPS

Another daydream we harbor, though unlikely, is onboard GPS. Currently, Xiaomi has reserved this feature for its Mi Band 7 Pro.

No one likes carrying their phone while running. Of course, occasionally, when a run turns into a walk, it’s nice to have a few friendly calls on your phone. However, when tracking your outdoor workout routine, built-in GPS separates a device that’s good for athletes from one that’s just good for everyday activities.

Better sleep time monitoring

The Mi Band series is small and comfortable. Those are all great descriptions for a device you wear while you sleep. Unfortunately, the Mi Band 7 and Mi Band 7 Pro provided inconsistent sleep data during our review period. We’d like to see Xiaomi beef up nighttime monitoring on the next model. We wouldn’t expect Fitbit-level insight at this price, but why not?

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It’s not a huge problem and has nothing to do with the band. At launch, the Mi Band 7 was certified compatible with two companion apps: Zepp Life and Mi Fitness. Unfortunately, neither offers the whole experience. For example, Xiaomi Fitness cannot be synced with Google Fit, and Zepp Life cannot be synced with Strava. We would like to see the launch of Mi Band 8 accompanied by a clear and cleaned-up app environment.

That’s everything we hope to see from the Xiaomi Mi Band 8. Which features are you most looking forward to? Let us know by voting in the poll below.

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