Xiaomi Mi Band 8: Expected Features and Release Date


Xiaomi’s Mi Band series is a famous line of budget fitness trackers with a reputation for offering incredible value for money. The latest iteration, the Mi Band 7, continues to impress with its powerful features packed into a small form factor, but rumors are already swirling about the upcoming release of Mi Band 8. This article will explore everything we know about the device and what we can expect from Xiaomi’s latest fitness tracker.

To begin with, it’s safe to say that a Mi Band 8 is definitely in the works. Xiaomi has been the leader in the fitness tracker market for some time now, and all signs indicate that they will continue with the release of the Mi Band 8. Industry insiders and Twitter leakers have all but confirmed the device’s existence.

So when can we expect the Mi Band 8 to be released? Looking at the previous releases of the Mi Bands, it’s likely that the device will hit store shelves in the next few months. While last year’s model, the Mi Band 7, was released in May, the Mi Band 6 was released in March. Based on this pattern, we can expect the Mi Band 8 to arrive in early summer, although some rumors suggest it could be released even sooner.

But what can we expect from the Mi Band 8 regarding design and specifications? While the overall design of the Mi Band hasn’t changed much over the years, the Mi Band 7 introduced a larger and more vibrant touchscreen display. We can expect the Mi Band 8 to retain this feature, with an equally appealing Always-on AMOLED display. Additionally, the new model will feature a new strap design that attaches to each side of the device, bringing it closer to the current Pro model and other popular wearables.   Regarding health and fitness tracking, we can expect the Mi Band 8 to offer all the basics of activity and sleep tracking, continuous blood oxygen monitoring and low SpO2 alerts, all-day heart rate, sleep, and stress monitoring. The device is also rumored to feature 120 sports tracking modes and may also monitor detailed fitness data such as training load, training effect, and recovery time, as well as maximum oxygen uptake. However, it’s uncertain whether the Mi Band 8 will feature GPS, as that’s currently a feature reserved for the Pro model.

As for the Mi Band 8, we can expect it to be in line with previous models, with the base model priced at around $60 and the Pro model priced at over $100. We hope Xiaomi adds more intelligent features to the Mi Band 8, such as NFC support and additional notifications and controls.

In conclusion, the Mi Band 8 is an eagerly anticipated device that promises to build on the strengths of previous models and offer even more value for money. While we don’t have all the details yet, follow for more.

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