Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Screen Occupation Ratio Is Expected To Be Close To 93% With Pop-Up Camera Like Vivo APEX


Recently Honor has just announced a revolutionary technology called GPU Turbo that’ll change the way we look at smartphone graphics and the Vivo has formally unveiled the Vivo NEX in China that create a new benchmark in the era of full screen. on the other side OPPO Find X also accidentally exposed by spy photos. As all, we know that Xiaomi although the world’s first Android smartphone that equipped with a 3D facial recognition, dual GPS navigation, and other new technology, but always make people feel something less.

As a full-screen Smartphones, the emergence of the Mi Mix series has made global smartphone manufacturers have a new historical breakthrough in the design of mobile phones. However, the Mi Mix series has always suffered from the too widescreen and the front camera is in the chin.

In fact, as early as 2015 Xiaomi applied for a “Pop-Up Camera” patent by integrating the camera, flash, and other functional devices into a single functional module, and then loading the mating premise on either side of the body of the electronic device. The loading of the function module is provided, and it can be raised and lowered inside the body.

After the patent was exposed, the outside world agreed that Xiaomi would use this patent to create a full-screen mobile phone with a higher proportion of screens. However, because Xiaomi was too cautious and conservative, this patent has not been put into practice for a long time. It was known that Vivo APEX appeared and Xiaomi realized that it was too late.

However, recently a news from the industry chain showed that in the face of the impact of friendly business, Xiaomi has made a design adjustment to Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and the overall design continues with the Xiaomi Mix series, but this time the improvement will use the most radical of the Mi Mix 3 alternatives. In the program, the forehead and both sides borders almost disappeared. The bottom chin will be continuously narrowed, and the screen occupation ratio is expected to be close to 93%.

It can be said that it is quite amazing, and the front-facing camera the most concerned about fans of Mi will enable the previous “POP-UP” Camera.” Configuration aspects Mi Mix 3 will be equipped with 3D facial and fingerprint recognition, it will be powered by Snapdragon 845 with dual GPS navigation, wireless charging and etc. Now all the strongest hardware that Xiaomi can come up with.

Due to the extreme aggressiveness of this design plan, the release time of Mi Mix 3 will be released from the expected September to October. With regard to the currently known information, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will be the strongest in terms of appearance and hardware, but its production capacity will be strong. I am afraid that Xiaomi has to face the problem. So, such a Mi Mix 3, price reference Mi Mix 2S, you will consider starting it?

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