Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Concept Design: Double Screen, Vertical Four Cameras


This year’s Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha confidential work is quite in place. Before the official warm-up, there are almost no reliable renderings, parameter specifications or models to get out. The big move is getting stronger.

s you can see, the “MIX Alpha” in the picture looks a lot like the Huawei Mate X in the folded state, but the difference is that the MIX Alpha is not a folding screen, but extends from the front to the back through the middle frame like a reel, the camera vertical placement, a total of four stars.

In this way, the positive and negative can be used as the design of the display screen, which solves the self-timer problem well.

Of course, because of the imagination of digital people, MIX Alpha in this form also has to answer how to solve the problems of mobile phone thickness, battery, reliability, etc., especially the final yield when it comes to mass production.

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In short, the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha 5G concept phone is very appetizing, do you expect it?

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