Xiaomi Mi TV Pro Review: Arguably The Best Smart TV Under $209.99


Xiaomi released a new TV, the Xiaomi Mi TV Pro. It is available in three sizes: 43″, 55″ and 65″. In terms of price, the price of Xiaomi’s Mi TV Pro 43-inch is 1499 yuan ($209.70), the price of a 55-inch TV is 2399 yuan, and the price of a 65-inch TV is 3399 yuan. After receiving the 55-inch Mi TV Pro Pro, we have a good experience, how is it performing? Let’s take a look at it together.

Xiaomi Mi TV Pro is equipped with a new Amlogic T972 processor, which is jointly developed by Xiaomi TV and Amlogic. It adopts the 12nm process technology and supports 8K content decoding.Millet TV Pro evaluation: within 1,000 yuan, the most "fragrant" 4K TV

Amlogic T972 uses A55 architecture, quad-core 64-bit CPU, the highest frequency is 1.9GHz, compared with the previous generation T962, performance increased by 63%, energy consumption decreased by 55%. According to the official website news, 8K video content only supports USB channels and online playback of 24 frames of partial video formats.

MoFirLee has downloaded two 8K video samples from the Internet, which are 8K 24 frames and 8K 60 frames. After testing, Xiaomi Mi TV Pro can smoothly play 8K 24 frames of video content. When playing 8K 60 frames of video, you will find that the video will pop out of the video frame rate beyond the support range, press the “back” button to display (error code: -1004, 0). This means that the official comment is not wrong, the TV only supports playback of 8K 24 frames of video content.Millet TV Pro evaluation: within 1,000 yuan, the most "fragrant" 4K TV

Xiaomi Mi TV Pro is also equipped with 2+32GB storage, and the whole system uses a 4K LCD panel, built-in ninth-generation image quality engine, 16 image quality enhancement technology. In addition, it also supports DTS-HD and Dolby sound double decoding.Millet TV Pro evaluation: within 1,000 yuan, the most "fragrant" 4K TV

As far as the actual situation is concerned, the color performance of this screen is not as good as that of the OLED screen, but the contrast and viewing angle of the screen is quite good. The TV default video resolution is 1080P, you need to manually adjust to 4K, which will help you get a better viewing experience.

In addition, there are two 8W speakers at the bottom of the screen. When you turn on the Dolby sound, you will find that the volume is obviously improved and the sound becomes more stereoscopic. The arrival of the 5G era will help the popularity of 8K video and AloT smart internet. In addition to supporting 8K video content, Xiaomi Full Screen Pro can also become the control center of the smart home. On the standard voice Bluetooth remote control, you can wake up the little love classmate built into the TV with one click.Millet TV Pro evaluation: within 1,000 yuan, the most "fragrant" 4K TV

To use the AloT smart internet function, you must first log in to the Xiaomi account, then click the remote control’s up button on the TV home page and click on the meter to manually control it. Of course, you can also choose a small love classmate for voice control. Simply press and hold the voice button on the remote control and speak the corresponding control command.Millet TV Pro evaluation: within 1,000 yuan, the most "fragrant" 4K TV

Little love classmates can not only control the smart home at home, but you can also ask about the weather conditions today. Later, it will answer your questions in fluent Mandarin. Xiao Ai has a total of nine functions. You can use it to check movies, popular science, and technology knowledge, and understand the current hotlist. It is quite convenient. As a smart TV, Xiaomi Full Screen TV Pro has rich video content in addition to AI voice assistant and AloT smart internet.Millet TV Pro evaluation: within 1,000 yuan, the most "fragrant" 4K TV

At present, Xiaomi TV has joined hands with partners such as iQiyi, Youku, and Tencent Video to form a strong lineup. Xiaomi does not make content, Xiaomi is not in a competitive relationship with the content side, but is mutually beneficial and win-win. Xiaomi Full Screen TV Pro’s own VIP membership service is only 0.99 yuan in the first month, and Iqiyi PC, mobile member, and 4 on-demand coupons. This seems to be quite cost-effective, but the renewal fee for the next month is 30 yuan.Millet TV Pro evaluation: within 1,000 yuan, the most "fragrant" 4K TV

The advantage of members is that you can skip the long 90-second ad, the picture quality can be adjusted to 4K, Dolby audio support is enabled, and VIP video content is free to watch online. Of course, Xiaomi Film and Television members do not include VIPs of other video platforms. Users need to install the corresponding APPs before they can be opened.

Iqiyi and bilibili are partners of Xiaomi TV, and their members still have preferential policies. The price of iQiyi opened in the first month is the same as that of Xiaomi Film and Television. It is 0.99 yuan, and the renewal fee is 30 yuan. Station B is relatively expensive, and it costs 25 yuan to open in the first month. Compared with the original price, it is 20 yuan cheaper. Youku and Tencent Video are also partners of Xiaomi TV, and there are still some natural offers. The price of Youku VIP opened in the first month was 9.9 yuan, 20 yuan cheaper, and 29 yuan in the next month. Tencent video members need 22 yuan for the first month of opening, 8 yuan cheaper, 22 yuan for the next month.

On the whole, all members of the video platform are more cost-effective, which can help users save a lot of money. If you want to get a better experience, it is recommended to open a membership. Of course, such a good screen can not just be used to watch TV. Xiaomi Mi TV Pro also has a practical function, that is, MIUI one-click projection.

This function is more suitable for office or conference use. Only one Xiaomi mobile phone is needed. Scan the QR code on the screen and turn on the wireless display on the mobile phone to successfully screen. Then can it not be used to play games? The answer is yes, but the delay is a bit high and it looks like there are some cards. When playing “Peace Elite”, you can obviously feel the delay of about 1 second. These are common problems with wireless projection, which is normal.Millet TV Pro evaluation: within 1,000 yuan, the most "fragrant" 4K TV

Xiaomi Mi TV Pro has 97% of the screen ratio, the previous generation frame thickness is 4.5mm, and its frame thickness is only 3.56mm. With a full metal body + metal base, the value and texture are improved. It is worth mentioning that the logo on the right side of the TV is engraved with the logo “Designed by xiaomi”. The logo uses laser engraving technology to make the frame and logo integrated into one, and it looks like no violation.Millet TV Pro evaluation: within 1,000 yuan, the most "fragrant" 4K TV

The back of the fuselage is designed with 3D carbon fiber texture, which is also used to enhance the texture of the product. However, there is room for improvement, such as you can hide the groove of the power cord. A good product will naturally have its shortcomings. After all, there is no perfect person or thing under the sun. Finally, we summarize the advantages and disadvantages of some Xiaomi Mi TV Pro.


  • The narrow frame is matched with a metal body and has a high appearance.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Xiao Ai is very convenient.
  • One-click projection is very practical.


The 8K video content frame rate is limited. There is no recess in the back of the TV to hide the power cord.
The AloT Smart Connect feature does not support adding devices and can only be activated via the Mijia app on your phone.

Not long ago, Red Rice launched its first smart TV. It is not difficult to see from this point that Xiaomi TV, like the mobile phone business, adopted a dual-brand strategy. Red rice is responsible for cost-effectiveness, and Xiaomi is flying. Compared with the 70-inch Redmi TV, the Xiaomi Mi TV Pro has more sizes and a wide price range, which can meet the different needs of many people.

The selling point of Xiaomi’s Mi TV Pro is the appearance. After removing the metal body and the narrow frame, there is not much difference between it and other Xiaomi TVs. Although the new chip is equipped to support 8K video decoding, the 4K panel is adopted. The practical value is not great.

However,  in the price range of 1500-3500 yuan, product competitiveness is still very large, the price is its powerful weapon, coupled with the appearance of lovable, basically no shortcomings.


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