Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Pro Review: The Ultimate Fitness Companion


The new Xiaomi Mi S1 Pro watch has dramatically improved its appearance and performance. Regarding artistry, the front and the back sapphire glass are more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, the stainless steel body has been polished in multiple layers, and the texture is perfect.  You can read Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro Review on hands here.

People’s acceptance of intelligent wearable devices is almost the same as that of smartphones. Smartwatches are rich in functions and can be called brilliant housekeepers on the wrist. Now, the brand new Mi Watch S1 Pro is on the stage. As a flagship smartwatch, Mi Watch S1 Pro has been comprehensively improved in artistry, appearance, performance, and system. In terms of price, Mi Watch S1 Pro is $225, which is very suitable for young people who pursue fashion.



Mi Watch S1 Pro continues the design style of Mi Watch S1. The round dial design is full of business style and has a high degree of consistency with the appearance of traditional mechanical watches. Compared with the previous generation, the dial frame has been significantly narrowed, and the screen ratio is higher, giving people a more substantial visual impact.

The brown strap of Italian calfskin combined with the silver dial design makes the whole watch full of business attributes, which aligns with the flagship product positioning. The quality of the strap is perfect, the touch is very delicate, and the wearing experience is also better. , more wear-resistant in daily use.


The front of the Mi Watch S1 Pro is equipped with a 1.47-inch flexible LED straight screen, the frame is 18% narrower than the previous generation, and the screen-to-body ratio reaches 72.7%. It can still achieve a clear display, excellent visual effects, and 256-level automatic brightness adjustment. The resolution goes 480*480, 326ppi, and the display effect is delicate.

In terms of artistry, Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Pro adopts a double-sided sapphire glass design. The dial and the back window are made of sapphire material, which is more durable and wear-resistant in daily use. The sapphire on the back can improve the temperature measurement accuracy. It is more accurate compared to the traditional glass skin to measure temperature.

Mi Watch S1 Pro uses a stainless steel rotating crown, which is smoother and smoother. Combined with the linear motor on the Z axis, it can achieve delicate control feedback and bring a new user experience.


Mi Watch S1 Pro has a built-in MIUI for Watch, which can realize system-level interconnection with MIUI. The interface of the whole system is rich and colorful, and there is various built-in application software, which is convenient for our daily use. The animation effect when sliding to switch applications is excellent. Very smooth and smooth, with amazing visual effects.

This watch uses the latest Bluetooth 5.3, dual-frequency GPS, and dual-frequency WiFi, which can achieve faster positioning and facilitate our navigation, sports training, etc., and the Bluetooth 5.3 connection to the mobile phone is very stable, and the built-in high-performance custom chip, with the deeply customized system, the operation, response, and power consumption of this watch are all excellent.

The sensor of the Mi Watch S1 Pro is rich in functions. It is Xiaomi’s first watch that supports skin temperature measurement, preventing us from losing temperature and preventing danger caused by extreme outdoor conditions. In addition, the look also supports heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, and respiratory sleep monitoring to ensure our physical health.

Xiaomi Sports Health APP

At the same time, this watch can also be linked with the Xiaomi Sports Health APP. Through multi-dimensional measurement, a health index is given, which allows us to see very intuitively whether our daily exercise is up to standard and can also be linked with friends. PK significantly Promotes enthusiasm for our sport.

Regarding sports functions, Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Pro has built-in 100+ sports modes. With Xiaomi’s self-developed algorithm, it can achieve more accurate sports health monitoring and can also perform very accurate distance calculation and, altitude calculation, data recording It is more detailed so that we can understand our exercise situation more intuitively, which is very convenient.

Regarding more functions of this watch, we can also check it in the APP. At the same time, it has a very rich built-in dial, which is convenient for us to replace later and meet individual needs.

In terms of battery life performance, under regular use, it can achieve a long battery life of 14 days, and the magnetic wireless fast charging function allows this watch to charge for 10 minutes, and the battery life exceeds two days, so we don’t have to worry about battery life.


The new Mi S1 Pro watch has been improved from appearance to performance. Regarding artistry, the positive and negative sapphire glass is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and the precision stainless steel body has been polished at multiple levels. The texture is perfect—one of the flagship excellent top-notch craftsmanship currently on the market, leading the industry on the surface. At the same time, the rotating crown is matched with a linear motor, and the delicate hand feeling during operation is even better. For users who pursue quality, this watch is very. It is worth buying.

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