Xiaomi MI5C More Real Phones Leaked


We have leaked some photos about a new Xiaomi smartphone, it’s said it will be Xiaomi MI5C, others claims it will be the other Redmi Smartphone or Xiaomi MI6, but the possibility of Xiaomi MI6 has been denied. Later on, a netizen @Upleaks on Weibo leaked that the phone model is C10. According to analysis, this smartphone should be Xiaomi MI5C more. Now more photos about Xiaomi MI5C have been revealed.


According to @KJuma, he has shown more real photos about the this new MI Phone, including the photo with screen on. From the photos, the front design seems to be very beautiful, it has narrow bezel without black frame almost. There is a semi-round Home button at the bottom, and three step design on its back. The color difference between the up, down part and the middle part is obvious. So it seems the appearance and touch feeling very good.



We have no idea about the exact specs of this MI Phone. But yesterday we have leaked some specs about it. It will be powered by Mediatek Helio P20 Octa core 2.2Ghz processor, RAM 3GB ROM 64GB internal storage, running Android6.0 OS, and will sell at 1499 yuan, $250. If it is real, we believe some users would like to wait for this Xiaomi MI5C instead of MI5S and MI5S Plus. So what’s your choice first?


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