Xiaomi Mi9 Battery And Charging Test: MI 8, Mate20 Pro Are Durable?


The freshly baked Xiaomi Mi9 is of course not perfect. The rear three-Cameras does not support optical image stabilization, and the battery capacity of 3300 mAh has become a tangled point in the hearts of some users.

Regarding the endurance performance of Xiaomi Mi9, the quantitative test result of Foreign Media is that the comprehensive score is 91 hours The simple call can be used for 23 hours and 32 minutes, the simple web browsing can use 10 hours and 09 minutes, and the simple video playback can be used for 19 hours and 02 minutes.

Compared with 3400mAh of Xiaomi 8, the overall battery life is improved by 5 hours, and the call and video playback results are improved, but the web browsing time is reduced.

Compared with the 4200mAh Mate 20 Pro, the comprehensive battery life is improved by 6 hours. If the screen fingerprint is disabled, the Mate 20 Pro can match the XIaomi Mi9, although the call and web browsing time exceed the meter 9, the video playback is greatly behind, which lowers the overall score.

The result of the endurance test of another foreign media DT is that there are more than 15% remaining after 15 hours of heavy; a typical day is 8:00 to 10:00, and there is still 40% of the balance.

For charging , use the original 18W fast charge in the package, which can charge 45% in half an hour; use 27W QC4 fast charge head, can charge 70% in half an hour, only 65 minutes in full power; use 20W wireless flash charging base, half The hour can be charged to 30%.

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The test method is a one-hour call, a one-hour web page, and a one-hour video turn, and the total time is calculated. In a single time, the call is a 3G signal and other programs are closed. The web page is 2.4 GHz WiFi, 50% screen brightness, and the video is 50% brightness but only the time to power down to 10%.

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