Xiaomi Mi9 SE VS Vivo Z5x Performance Test: Mi9 SE is Really Smooth!


Today, the author has deliberately selected two models with higher heat, the Vivo Z5x, and the Xiaomi Mi9 SE, to see how the application speed of the two is.

The old rules, before looking at the effect, first understand the parameter configuration of the next two models. The same is: GPU is Qualcomm Adreno616, flash memory is UFS2.1, also has 8GB +128GB large storage; the difference is that the vivo Z5x is equipped with Snapdragon 710 processor, Xiaomi Mi9 SE is using Snapdragon 712 processor, from In terms of performance configuration, the difference between the two is not very large.

In addition, the optimization of the software also played a key role, the author tested the running data of the two models on the Antu rabbit APP. The score of vivo Z5x was found to be 186,022 points, while the score of Xiaomei 9 SE was 182,146 points. The former was significantly higher than the latter, but there was not much difference. Of course, the data does not explain everything. Let’s take a look at the actual test results of the two models.

Since you want to test the smooth speed of your phone, you naturally have to choose a few software that you use. First connect the two models to the same network, close all running programs in the background, and keep them in a “smooth” state. Then open the QQ, “Atlas”, information in turn, and see how the two start effects.Millet 9 SE is very smooth? Compared with the vivo Z5x, the result is suspenseful

From the test results, when the QQ “small APP” is opened, the startup speed of the vivo Z5x and the Xiaomi Mi9 SE can be said to be similar. But occasionally Z5x will be relatively faster, but the difference is more subtle and almost negligible.

In addition, when opening the “atlas” and “information” used daily, the starting speeds of the two models are still similar. Overall, the two can be said to be equivalent in opening the “small APP” test.

Next, let’s look at the “medium-sized apps” that are small in size, more common, and do not take up too much background running space. To this end, the author chose to shake the sound, QQ music, microblogging three APP to test.

Before the test, the background program is also cleared first, so that the two phones are kept running in good condition. It is not difficult to see from the above picture that the startup speed of the Xiaomi Mi9 SE three apps is obviously better than the vivo Z5x. At the same time, the loading speed of Z5x and Xiaomi Mi9 SE seems to be much better. For example, when browsing Weibo, when the amount of information is too large to load quickly, many people will choose to quickly “slap through”, which will not waste time. It also shortens the reading time.Millet 9 SE is very smooth? Compared with the vivo Z5x, the result is suspenseful

Finally, let’s look at the “large-scale APP” that has high requirements for mobile phone operation, such as iQiyi video, Taobao, and the glory of the king. When the author clicks on the Taobao and iQiyi icons at the same time, it can be clearly seen that the startup speed of the Xiaomi Mi9 SE is still faster than the vivo Z5x. The fly in the ointment is that the browsing effect after opening is much slower than the Z5x.

For the game problems that the male compatriots are most concerned about, the performance of the Z5x is not at all weak. At the same time, the vivo Z5x enters the game startup interface one step ahead, and each “step” walks in front of the Xiaomi Mi9 SE. In addition to the inseparable relationship with hardware blessing, it also benefits from Vivo’s exclusive Multi-Turbo multi-turbo acceleration engine. The Xiaomi Mi9 SE also has Game Turbo game acceleration assistance, but it may be worse in optimization.

After several rounds of testing, it is not difficult to see that in the “small APP” test, the performance of the two models is evenly matched; in the “medium APP” test, the Xiaomi Mi9 SE is better than the vivo Z5x in the startup speed and loading speed; After the “large APP” test, although some software Xiaomi Mi9 SE slightly dominated the startup speed, but the game is still worse than the Z5x, and the loading speed of the Z5x is fully exerted on the “large APP”. Said that the two models can still meet the daily needs of consumers.

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But if you really want to choose one of the two models, then you will definitely choose the vivo Z5x. The first is naturally the price issue. The starting price of the Vivo Z5x is 1398 yuan ($203.65), the XIaomi Mi9 SE is 1999 yuan ($291.19), and the response speed is almost the same as the difference of 600 yuan. The second is the screen problem. The careful little friend has found that The Z5x 6.53-inch pole full screen is larger than the 5.97-inch water drop screen, which can meet the needs of my big-screen party, and the screen experience is stronger. Not to mention the main camera performance and multi-dimensional optimization of the game, so what do you think about it?

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